Staying Sane: Ride like the wind

This weekend was a big weekend for Big Bro and Red. They are turning 6 and 4 soon, and co-parent decided to go out this weekend and get them suited up for their birthday presents…. new bicycles! So we grabbed the last bike that was big enough for Big Bro – a stretch actually – with gears and front/back handle breaks and all. We also suited up little Red in a fancy pink REAL bike with training wheels – and tassels to boot.



Because of these purchases, we were hanging out quite a bit in the cul-de-sac courtyard behind our house this weekend. It is safer there and there are two houses of young kids. At first I was just camping out with the rest watching the kites, balls, bicycles, scooters, and running of the kids. And then Big Bro asked about his gears. And I started to teach him about them. But he had some problems turning the gears. So I got on his bike to learn how to do it myself. I spun around the courtyard and felt the wind in my face and then realized I needed to focus on learning the gears or else Big Bro would be disappointed. So I got that down, but then continued to ride. Around the cul-de-sac again and going faster and riding riskier and pedaling faster. My heart beating and hearing the wind now.


This has been the most exercise I’ve gotten in too long of a time.

So I had to give the bike up. But then thought to myself – I’m going to grab MY bike — funny though. It is a mountain bike. And I have not rode on it in literally 7 or 8 years. So when I went to check it out, both tires were flat beyond repair and the cobwebs likely choked up the chains. So I grabbed co-parent’s bike.

I came blasting around the bend into the courtyard at warp speed (or at least I felt that way). My leg muscles felt good to be awake. My heart was pounding, my hair was shoved into my helmet but still flying around, the sun was on my skin and I was having FUN. I grabbed Big Bro and we took two loops around our neighborhood. I was talking to him as we went about the gears and the uphills and the downhills; he took to it so quickly and I had so much fun riding around with him.


So now I have another thing to add to my “to-do” list: Get my own bike tuned up and fixed.

The exercise felt good. Being outside in the fresh air felt good. The sun felt good. Being with my son and the kids felt good. But the speed and the freedom and yes the tiny bit of recklessness was AMAZING. I’m looking forward to more of it and maybe shedding some pounds.

What do you Mamas do for exercise? What activities do you find liberating?

Have a great week to all –
– Mama K

Staying Sane: Enjoy nature

Sometimes getting back to basics is just what the doctor ordered. Being outside. Breathing in fresh air. Listening to the birds sing. Hearing a wave against a rocky shoreline. Even if the kids are acting up you can still steal a moment to yourself to close your eyes, breathe in the air, and feel the sun on your face.

Some ideas –

  • go on a picnic.
  • teach your child about flowers, how they grow, how they live. See how many colors you can find in the flowers around you.
  • go for a walk/hike/bike/scooter ride.
  • Investigate bugs in your backyard.
  • start a garden.
  • take a few minutes and don’t think about skin damage and lay on the lawn towards the sun. Feel the sun on your face and on your body.
  • go to a farm and u-pick the fruit/veggie featured
  • take a walk along a babbling brook
  • take a hike and look at the tall trees
  • sidewalk chalk/waterpaint/kick balls outside in your yard with your kids. Take a break and sit down to watch their play.
  • go outside in the rain and jump in the puddles. Look up to the sky and feel the rain on your face.
  • What else can you add to the list??!?!??! What small moments of outside activity bring peace/relaxation to break up your busy week?







    Have a great week everyone –
    – Mama K

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