February 8: Motion

Wednesday – my 1/2 work and on flex time. I’m writing this at the end of the day so this is likely to be brief:

Highlights of the Morning:

  • I woke up feeling great. I got showered and dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans, and was upstairs with all the kids as they got up. Diaper changes with the Twins is best while in their room since it’s warmer up there. They are so sweet. Twin Husky had his hair all over the place and he is so cuddly and warm. So sweet.
  • I grabbed oatmeal for the girls and got Big Bro’s breakfast ready; also packed up the bags and got clothes ready for everyone.
  • Twin Crazy helped me unload the dishwasher. She is very helpful these days.
  • Big Bro’s foot went through his gaping hole in the other knee of his jeans. I give up. He thought it was hysterical (so did I).
  • Big Bro wanted to ride his bike to school. THIS WAS A FIRST FOR US!!! We met up with the Motley Crew and I was a bit nervous since I knew Big Bro was probably a bit anxious. He did great. Did not fall once, and even went ahead with the kids towards the end of the ride. At the end, his face was beaming and one of his crew wanted to lock his bike with Big Bro’s. So cute. I’m so proud of him.
  • I strolled the Twins to daycare and we talked about the fog, how it looked like the clouds were hanging low, and how we could feel wetness on our faces. Twin Crazy pointed and talked about the dogs along the way.
  • I walked back home, feeling really good. I felt the blood pumping through my body as I walked and it felt good to be going at a fast pace. It felt good to be moving. To be headed somewhere. I was thinking about the work I needed to do. I had things to get done, but nothing too overwhelming. I felt happy to be headed home to work. To have a short but productive day.
  • I got home, grabbed some breakfast, loaded the dishwasher, threw some clothes in the dryer, straightened up a bit, and got my computer/phones set up for the working day.







Highlights of My Working Day:
I actually got a lot done today

  • I went back and forth via email related to some work I might be doing for a separate project – they need some market interviews done and I want to make sure I understand the client and the product before I set up interviews – I don’t want to waste my limited time talking to the wrong part of the market.
  • I documented the planning meeting minutes for both of our forums in April. This actually helped me organize my thoughts on what I had to do soon to get these meetings planned.
  • I also started to think through the polling that we may want to do with the participants so we can plan an Agenda that is the most valuable for them. I drafted the topic content into survey format and am hoping I can offload the coding to someone else to get this done and out.
  • I reached out to some potential speakers for one of the forums. We received a positive response back so I am pumped!!!!!
  • I then packed everything away – cords, computers, phones, papers. I’m getting the kids!

The Rest of the Day:

  • I picked up Big Bro first and he had a great time riding his bike to the van.
  • We then waited for Red to wake up from her nap. While waiting, we thumb-wrestled.
  • Big Bro, Red, and I then went shopping for Twin Crazy and Twin Husky’s birthday. Red actually mentioned it to her teachers but she didn’t mention that I was going to “steal” her earlier today. So she was excited about going shopping with us today.
  • They were great at Wal-mart. The only things on the list were presents for Twin Crazy and Twin Husky, and also party decorations. Nothing else. They had great self-control. We picked their presents and decided on Sponge Bob for the theme of their party. Big Bro helped to put all of our items on the cashier belt. He was very proud of his efforts.
  • We then went to get Twin Crazy and Twin Husky. It was really early – 3:30 PM. Once at home, I gave them a snack and then decided to take them for a walk.
  • The walk was great. Big Bro was on his bike, Red was on her scooter, Twin Crazy was on a tricycle (that I pushed), and Twin Husky decided to walk his Tigers in a toy stroller (along with a helmet). Again it felt good to be moving. To be strolling with the kids. The weather was great and the sun was out. I was feeling like life was pretty good then and now. The children in great spirits, enjoying the outside, moving their bodies, and each moving in their own way. We are a collective little unit but again we are individuals. Everyone moving their own way – but also helping each other along the way. Twin Husky kept asking about Big Bro, who kept riding ahead of us or circling around to ride behind and away from us. They were so cute. Big Bro was even getting brave and testing his bike and his riding and balancing abilities… riding/coasting with his feet off the pedals…. so brave. We had a great time and even met some strangers along the way who might turn out to be great friends!
  • I made dinner – fish, string beans, rice. Kids were eating well. They had some nervous energy so I put them to work cleaning up their toys.
  • I read a book to Red about friendship and then we went to look at her class picture and we talked about the names of all of her friends at school.
  • After dinner I folded laundry while the kids watched a movie. It was a cute night. They all went to bed easily. Big Bro read a book to us. This is the first night that Red is not crying herself to sleep.












I had a great day. I feel like I accomplished things at work during the 1/2 day, got a lot of things done around the house, and had a great time with all of the kids. They are amazing. I am very lucky.

I am not thrilled about divorce and am scared of the outcome. I’m scared about strangers potentially deciding on the future of our children. This is going to have such an impact on their lives and affect them in ways I can’t even wrap my head around. This just isn’t right. I don’t think I’m an ordinary mother. I feel so in tune with each of these kids. And I enjoy being a mom. How is it possible that I can be taken away from a part of their lives? How could this be seen as in their best interest??!??!?!??!? Can’t we find a way to both be integral in their lives without the other being torn away???!?!?!?!??!

Til tomorrow –
– Mama K

February 3: Scooters and Sailing

Friday. My day with Twin Husky and Twin Crazy. My day in the morning with Big Bro, with his scooter. My day where I can pick up Big Bro early, and also Red – or just keep her home altogether. I love these days. It makes a difference for me. And for the kids too. Some highlights:

  • Twin Husky loves jumping in the air while I change him. He was really lifting off with his legs and was cracking up as I was lifting him up, and up, and up, and up….
  • Twin Crazy is still trying to use the potty. She tries hard, and we encourage her. The look on her face is so sweet.
  • I strolled the Twins and Big Bro scootered to school. We were running late so we missed the Motley Crew. Big Bro was excited about that – he likes going to school with us alone. I noticed a confidence in him this morning. The way he coasted, the way he maneuvered side to side, the way he wore his backpack while scootering. He is growing up. He is pushing himself. Finding himself. And I am glad to be able to watch it all and take it in.
  • Twin Crazy and Twin Husky were cute today. They both for some reason were more needy today than usual. I took them and rocked with them, until they were ready to get down. I had to do this several times today, particularly with Twin Husky. He was also having trouble with his tigers. He’s in a stage now where he’s putting things in bags – and he tries to shove these tigers and also some baby dolls in a bag and they just don’t fit. It drives him mad.
  • I decided to pick up Red and Big Bro and go sailing. We all packed up our snacks and our things and headed to the ferry. We took a cruise to nowhere. Just got on the boat, stayed on the boat, and then headed back. The guys on the ferry know our family. We also got lots of attention from commuters. I always get compliments about the kids when we are out. Of course I always get the “you got your hands full” but I always get the comments about how good the kids are. And how good they are with each other. We had a great trip and we talked about the boats, the birds, the bridge, where the pilot sits, what would happen if the boat would sink, the city, the commuters….on and on.





I am feeling crushed and scared. My life and the lives of my kids could be decided by strangers. It is impossible for them to see into our worlds and what I am able to do with all four of these kids together. I take them out and get comments that I make it seem easy. I feel at peace with them. I feel proud of them. I feel strong with them. And I know that I do right by them. And all I can do at this point is keep it together, fight hard, and hope for the best.

Have a great weekend everyone –
– Mama K

December 9: Tantrums, sickness, lack of sleep X FOUR

Happy Friday! Today is a “stay-at-home” day with me and the Twins. It has been a bit of a rough day so far…

Highlights of the Morning and Early Afternoon:

  • I woke up a big hungover to three kids in my bed – Red, and the Twins. What was absolutely adorable was Red was reading to each of them.
  • 20111209-125915.jpg

  • Big Bro put on a t-shirt and shorts. Mind you, it’s 37 degrees outside. I pleaded with him to think about the cold outside and think about pants. The problem is that it does actually warm up during the day, and he is very hot-blooded. So my pleading went ignored – but I left it up to him to make his own decision.
  • Everyone was a bit cranky this morning. The Twins both are sick. Sneezing and big red rashes all over the place. Roseola? Not sure. But they are cranky and clingy. Big Bro is whining about everything. Red starts her whining when it came to her socks. By the time we were on her jacket, she was in full-fledged tantrum. I think the Twins’ bad moods for being sick kindof rubbed off on the older two who maybe didn’t get enough sleep last night. Anyway, all four of them were not very enjoyable this morning. Or, maybe was it the wine I drank last night??!?!?!?
  • Big Bro scootered to school while I strollered the Twins. We were extremely late. By the time we got there he was the last one in but at least we caught up with the group. He then runs outside to me in tears because he forgot his library book. I said I would go back and get it. I looked into his eyes and he looked terrible. I’m putting these kids to bed early tonight.
  • On the stroller ride home with the Twins, I took it slow. We talked about things that we saw. I miss this with them. When Big Bro and later Red were small and we were living in the city, I would stroller them to daycare which was in my office building. So at that time, I had the opportunity to talk about so many things with them – it was city living so there was just a lot to look at and teach. Water fountains, big buildings, lights (and counting the lights), going into building lobbies and talking about the holiday decorations, pointing out the flags, etc. Now with the Twins, we commute primarily by mini-van. On days that I stroll with them, particularly on Thursday and Fridays when we are coming back home, I really want to take it slow with them. I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do with these two. We talked about the crows and how they fly away and how big their wings are. We saw two dogs playing so we pulled over to watch them play and we talked about how funny it is to see dogs and how they play and wrestle and run around in circles. We talked about the holiday decorations that we saw. Twin Husky initiated conversation about the playground and the slides. Twin Husky is still pointing out all of the basketball nets. We talked about the busier road and how cars drive fast on that road. We talked about flowers and spent some time looking at them. I talked with them the whole way home and felt better that I am doing more now to teach them about the world around them.
  • 20111209-125746.jpg


  • I started looking for Big Bro’s library book and found it. I threw 2 diapers and a small package of wipes in my handbag. Also two little cars to keep the kids entertained. I’m taking them out to breakfast! I went to drop off the book, and Big Bro’s class was not there – so I left a present for him….
  • 20111209-130153.jpg

  • Then we headed out for breakfast. I parked and decided NOT to stroller them, but to walk the two blocks. The kids had a great time and Twin Crazy almost looked proud to be walking with me, holding my hand, and crossing the street like a big girl. While at breakfast, our table was close to all of these holiday decorations and the board underneath a HUGE penguin kept getting pushed in by Twin Husky, therefore leading the penguin to almost coming crashing down on us twice. He is such a boy. He needs to touch everything. The penguin incident happened TWO times so he didn’t even learn from the first time. We had a good breakfast nonetheless, and the twins had lots of fun things to look at in this greasy spoon of a diner.
  • 20111209-130513.jpg



  • Once we got back I had to care for sick twins. Both were extremely cranky. I had snot to deal with, red skin to deal with, sore noses to deal with, and medicine to give. It took about 15 minutes for the caregiving to kick in and after that they were much more pleasant.
  • We headed upstairs and I read them books. I love how they get so excited over the books. They each run for a book for me to read. Sometimes I read to them, and sometimes they read picture books to me. They love it. They love turning the pages. They love making the sounds that animals make. They love talking with me about what they see on the page. Once I say that the books are done and its time for their nap, they don’t even fight it. They welcome it. I kiss them and they grab hold of their stuffed animals and blankets and begin to doze.
  • They’re down for a nap now and I am getting some things done around the house. I enjoy this quiet time where I can focus on things that I normally would not be able to. The sun is out and I’m feeling good. The twins are quiet so it seems like they are busy sleeping.
    • The Rest of the Day:

    • The twins both woke up in foul moods. Twin Crazy was having a hard time sleeping the entire time because of her stuffed up nose. They’re both sick and struggling. I packed them up, picked up Big Bro, and headed out to a friends house who had a HUGE hand-me-down dollhouse and lots of hand-me-down clothes for all of the kids.
    • The dollhouse was bigger than expected. I thought I’d be able to slip it in the back and cover it up quickly before Big Bro would see it, that way it could be from Santa. No such luck. This thing was HUGE. Four feet tall, at least. I think 4 floors. It wouldn’t fit in the trunk of the mini-van. I tried over and over to shove it in. Of course Big Bro saw it. So I tried to get one of the seats to fold under to give more room. It was stuck. Me and Big Bro were trying to figure it out. He noticed that his car seat was in the way. I eventually got it. Both of us were excited and proud. What a team!!! The thing took up a big part of the van on the way home. Too funny.
    • 20111209-210844.jpg

    • Hubby picked up Red while I cooked dinner; Flat Meat with chicken and I did a marinade with mango jelly and basil. Big Bro was throwing tantrums left and right. He was really, really difficult to deal with tonight. The dinner was very good. The kids ate well but it took them awhile to get started — again, their crankiness was a bit too much to bear. I started to drink a Guinness..
    • After dinner we brought out the dollhouse and Big Bro, Red, and Twin Crazy had fun cleaning it. The three of them seem really excited about it. I would have loved it if I had it when I was a kid. Maybe Santa can get Red some proper dolls to play with it, and maybe some more furniture.
    • 20111209-210914.jpg

    • There were huge tantrums tonight with the older kids about graham crackers, going to the potty, etc. I just think that both of them were way too tired.
    • So, today was great in that we have all of this new “loot” in the house – clothes, dollhouse, etc. But honestly ALL of the kids were so hard today. All the result of too little sleep and being sick. I really need for Big Bro to nap this weekend. And I hope the kids sleep in a bit tomorrow. Because I know I’ll be moving slowly…

      Have a great weekend everyone –
      Til next week –
      – Mama K

      November 30: Stealing Red

      Half of a work day! From home! YES!!!!

      Highlights of My Morning and “Commute”:

      • Red woke me up proud that she was already dressed for the morning. However, she only changed her top. So she did great, 1/2 of the way.
      • The Twins came bounding into the room – lots of hugs and jumping. I love that part of the day when the kids are excited to see us. By the time they reach Big Bro’s age, I guess they lull in bed and you have to tear them out and ask if it’s OK to give them a morning hug and kiss. 🙂
      • Downstairs, all kids were at the kitchen counter on stools. It was so cute. They were all lined up and sharing space and eating. As Hubby made lunches, Twin Husky hurled himself on the counter to reach for sliced apples. So they really had a diverse breakfast this morning.


      • The older kids knew that I was working from home today, and a 1/2 day. So Big Bro knew that I was going to walk the Twins to daycare and also have him scooter his way to school. He was thrilled, but Red was upset about this. But then Red also knew that I was going to “steal” her from pre-school today early, and spend some 1:1 time with her (since Big Bro had time with me 1:1 last week). She was thrilled, but Big Bro was upset about this. So there they were fighting about the time they were going to spend with me. Big Bro wants Wednesday afternoons to be “Big Bro and Red” time together with me, versus 1:1 time. I asked him if we could talk about it later since Red would also have to agree. For now, she is excited about potentially going on a choo-choo train ride, and at that point Big Bro threw himself on the floor in a tantrum.
      • The walk to school/daycare was great. We by chance met up with our neighbors who also walk/bike to the school. I call all the kids together the “Motley Crew” — I laugh about that, and of course the kids have no clue what I’m alluding to. So together we all walked/strolled/scootered/biked to school. Big Bro had a great time and felt grown up as he locked up his scooter to the chain-linked fence.
      • I then strolled the Twins to daycare and brought along a potty for Twin Crazy, just in case she feels brave enough to try the potty at daycare. The Twins love the stroller rides in the morning. I have a feeling they do not get the chance to be “really” outside during the day at daycare. We talked about the falling leaves, the leaves on the ground, the sound of barking dogs….
      • My walk back was great. It felt good to get out, walk the trail back home, see the leaves on the ground, know that the kids were all close-by. So that stroll back by myself was my “commute” home and to work for the day. I LOVE THIS NEW WORKING ARRANGEMENT….

      Highlights of my 1/2 Working Day:

      I had a great day at home working and I think that working 1/2 days at home are so much better than full days. On full days, I tended to get sluggish from the absence of people. But 4 hours at home is a breeze. It gives me just enough time to be productive and not waste time. It occurs to me that I have so many pictures posted of my kids but nothing related to my work. So here it goes — below is my working set up while at home. Comfy couch, wired computer, plenty of coffee and water. And my phones close by.


      • I had to troubleshoot some reporting problems we have with one of the forums I am managing. There are data issues and report distribution issues that I was not aware of. I think the problem is being addressed, but it does not make our firm look good to our clients. I need to make sure this type of thing does not happen again in the future…
      • I am happy to report that I received the work in progress work for my client project from the consultant who is helping me, and it looked like a REALLY good first start. I therefore was happily and aggressively working on the deliverable – it is so much easier for me to pull something together when I have good, strong, smart people working with me and creating materials that I can simply review versus re-do. So I had a very productive morning and sent off a first draft of the deliverable to my Directors for their first review. I will need to focus on content early next week and we will meet with the client at the end of next week. I think we are in good shape so I feel great about that.
      • I then submitted my timesheet and signed off for the day. 🙂

      The Rest of the Day:

      • I went to lunch at 1:15 and ate at a great sushi place while typing on my iPad. I called Red’s pre-school to see when they wake up from nap. 2:30. Great. That gave me time to go food shopping before I stole her for our 1:1 time….
      • Red was so excited to see me. She was smiling and jumping up and down. She was literally speechless.


      • I asked her what she wanted to do and she wanted to go shopping for new underwear for Twin Crazy. So cute. I suggested feeding the ducks first. We had a great time. She sat on my lap. There were four different kinds of ducks there all with different looks and different quacks. Some were meek and some were aggressive. We talked about the different kinds of ducks and tried to throw the bread to the meeker ducks.


      • We then went shopping. On our way we made a list. I never walk into a store until I make a verbal list with the kids. This prevents melt-downs when I say we cannot buy random stuff at the store that they happen to fall in love with. So on our list was 1) underwear for Twin Crazy, and 2) sneakers for Red. When we walked in there I was sidetracked by blankets and Red quickly remarked “No Mommy. That’s not on our list.” I couldn’t believe it. “Thank you [Red] for keeping me on track.” So cute. Then she got sidetracked with the Christmas ornaments but she did not break down in a tantrum when we moved on because they were not on the list. We shopped for sneakers. She needed a pair with lights. We went shopping for small underwear for Twin Crazy. She picked out a package that she thought Twin Crazy would like. We stopped at a drug store for pull-ups for Twin Crazy. I found the right size and gender, and Red picked out a package that she wanted us to buy. She is so sweet. Shopping for Twin Crazy was the first thing she wanted to do with her alone time with me. I am so lucky that these kids are so empathetic with each other.





      • We then picked up Big Bro and the Twins; I cooked a quick dinner; we tried more potty time with Twin Crazy without luck – but she loved the pull-ups (so much so that she had on about 4 or 5 pairs all over her legs). I felt like I didn’t have enough time with Twin Husky but I’ll make it up to him tomorrow.


      I had a great day. I felt like I contributed to our family finances and then had the opportunity to steal my child for 1:1 time. Dinner and after dinner was a blur with kids and a flurry of activity but I enjoyed it; and am enjoying my couch now even more than earlier today! Wait a minute…. I hear some stifled laughing at the steps…. I better go now and be a tough-ass so these kids respect me and go to bed.

      Till tomorrow –
      – Mama K

      September 6: Trains, planes, and automobiles (or Bikes, Scooters, and Tricycles)

      We are coming from a wonderful long weekend with the kids; we went to a new playground, went out to lunch, had a beach day, a slumber party over a friends house (whole family), another park…. it was great. It makes coming back to work harder.

      Today and the rest of the week is a parking pavement project at our ferry station. So that complicated things a bit this morning. We decided to divide and conquer our drop offs — one take Red, and the other take the Twins and Big Bro. From there we had to find parking on the street and then run to the ferry. Uggh.

      Highlights of the Morning:

      • Red changes by herself but then changes her mind about her shirt. This puts her into a foul mood. We find another shirt that she likes and I cuff the sleeves for her, extra big. This puts a smile on her face.
      • Twins are awake and they stop in to say hello – they always look so cute after a bath. They are so big now that I am amazed that at one time I had both of them together in utero. Simply amazing.
      • Red then wants a pony-tail. I get that ready for her, she wants an orange pony-tail band and then changes her mind to green.
      • I gather Big Bro’s clothes. He decides to get dressed downstairs.
      • The three of us go downstairs. They each want to be shuttled by Mommy and we laugh at this coming down the stairs together.
      • Hubby has breakfast ready for all kids.
      • I continue to pack the bag for the Twins. The booster seat for Red was prepared the night before and I stacked all relevant piles to prepare for the different drop offs.
      • Twins are eating cereal with milk and a spoon – they are doing great but this means they need to get changed into different clothes. I run upstairs to get a change of clothes for both of them. Hubby and I each change a child. I love this part. Where you get to focus on the child and look into their eyes and talk about their bodies and the clothes and they help you help them get dressed. I love this part of this stage. The blossoming of independence (but tantrums unfortunately also come along with this territory).
      • OK time to go!!! This is a different routine for us. Red is in her booster seat in the other car with her lunchbox and her sheets and big blanket. She looks so proud. I am so proud of her. I knock on the window and wave and blow kisses to her. They are off!
      • Drop off with Twins goes without a hitch.
      • Drop off with Big Bro is a bit long. Today in line we learned that today is picture day. F!! I look at Big Bro and his hair is sticking up like a porcupine and he is wearing a Phillies t-shirt. I look around me and I see frilly dresses and headbands and some boys with vests. We just can’t seem to get our act together. I then start to play a game with the kids in line about how they practice their smiles. This is really just to get Big Bro warmed up to the idea of picture day. This has always been an intimidating event for him. He asks for me to put his lunchbox away. I ask him if it’s OK for me to give him a hug and a kiss, or where I can kiss him (e.g., his hand). He whispers “at home”, so I abide by his request.
      • I run to the van; I see how the cars are lined up and parked on the street near the ferry station. I lock up and begin to run. I hear “It is 8:30 and the boat is going to leave. Please get on the boat.” I just make it. I find Hubby. I am exhausted.

      We are at the dock now in the city. It is a bit foggy outside. I am not looking forward to going back to work. I was out of the office all last week so maybe I’ll change my mind once I get there. I miss my kids. I miss how Big Bro sat in my lap this morning. I miss how Twin Crazy looked at me with happiness when I remembered to put socks on her in the van. I miss the look of Red’s face when she was all buckled up in her booster seat with her lunchbox on her lap. I miss how Big Bro asked me to hold my hugs and kisses for at home – it just makes me want to hold him more, hold him closer.

      I can’t think about work now. I’m still thinking in my head about the weekend and mentally saying goodbye to my children.

      Highlights of My Working Day:

      • Cried on the way to work; stopped at Starbucks for coffee and a danish. Hopefully food and caffeine will help.
      • Prepared for go-to-market meeting for a firm initiative; led conference call and sent out materials of next-steps.
      • Talked with the leader of our “geography” for our firm on strategic issues. He bounced ideas off of me in preparation for an internal Strategy Meeting with our team to help improve our profitability.
      • Started to think through next steps for the different groups I may be taking over; I still need to talk to the company about a reduced work week but I have not figured that out yet; I am leaning on 60 % work-week but may need to go to 80% to be acceptable to the company. I’m not sure about when to have that conversation but my hunch is earlier than later.

      I’m on the ferry now; I need to take an earlier one so I can pick up Big Bro from after-care — he needs to be out of there by 6 PM so taking the later ferry would be impossible. I will likely pick up the car (down the street since the parking lot is under construction) and head home to think about dinner. Then I’ll go on a round of pick ups: probably 1) Red, then 2) Big Bro, then 3) Twins. I still can’t believe we went from 2 to 3 drop offs/pick ups. I thought my life was supposed to get EASIER not more complicated….

      Dinner and Bedtime:

      • I decide to walk to the car and get everyone first.  I’d rather have the extra time with them instead of alone time getting dinner ready.  First pick up is Big Bro. Someone mistakenly took his lunchbox which is a shame because the other back-ups we have are not “cool”.
      • I get Red next. Big Bro says hello to his old teachers. Red is smiling ear to ear. She is jumping and skipping and showing Big Bro around her classroom.
      • I next get the Twins. Each squeals as they run to the van. Each refuses to be put in the seat until AFTER they’ve had a chance to turn around and say hello to Big Bro and Red who are sitting behind them. They are getting very strong, very forceful, very aggressive lately.
      • At home, I bring all kids outside as water is boiling for pasta. An amazing thing happens… suddenly there is a parade of two and three-wheeled “vehicles” in our back yard and all kids are playing on all the toys. Scooters, tricycles, bicycles, etc. I find Twin Husky scaling Big Bro’s big bike. Twin Crazy and Twin Husky are both fighting over a princess scooter so I have to go into the garage and fish out a toddler scooter that I was saving for Christmas. It is out of control. There are kids everywhere and vehicles everywhere and they are pushing each other and helping each other get on the bikes/scooters, etc. What a scene! It was great!!!!
      Bicycles, Scooters, and Tricycles
      Bikes, Scooters, and Tricycles
      Big Bro being a big brother to Twin Husky
      Big Bro being a big brother to Twin Husky
      Twin Crazy is already a princess diva

      Twin Crazy is already a princess diva

      • Dinner is a hit – pasta, shrimp, chopped spinach, and toasted pine nuts. All eat well.
      • After dinner we play with trains, train tracks, etc. We all try to do this together but Twin Husky and Twin Crazy are too busy pulling the tracks apart and trying to rebuild themselves. This makes Red laugh but really pisses off Big Bro.
      • Time to go up! I get milk for everyone; Hubby takes the Twins upstairs. Red and Big Bro help to clean up all the toys.
      • Hubby has a hard time reading to the Twins. Apparently Twin Crazy isn’t listening so she is banished to her crib early.
      • Reading to Red and Big Bro is really cute tonight. Red reads us our family “picture book” which essentially is a book of photographs of our family and extended family. Big Bro picks out the book “You are all my Favorites” and he said that book reminds him of me because I’m always telling each of them how much I love them. My heart melts.

      So today was an up-and-down day, but mostly up, I think. I’m glad to have had the extra hour tonight and will actually need to leave work for the 4:30 ferry going forward. I’m happy about this. That’s an extra hour each day, 5 hours for the week – so that makes a difference especially when everyone is happy and getting along together.

      Til tomorrow –
      – Mama K

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