New Addition!! “Contributions to Mama In Motion”

I wanted to let you know of a recent change to the website and this blog.    This change was the direct result of someone reaching out to me with an idea on content that she would like to contribute.    So I’ve made some changes to the site and want to test out this new forum.


We are a lively, feisty bunch of women who are trying to do it all. If you are like me (and I know you are), you have lots to do, and likewise, lots to say.

This is an area on the Mama In Motion website and blog where other Mamas In Motion have the chance to speak their mind, and share their thoughts on issues that are important to them. It is my hope that these contributions will also help other working mothers who are interested in understanding more about these issues that may be important to them as well.

This is a new area to this site – one that I am excited about.

So, if you are a Mama In Motion with something to say, please contact me at and propose your idea. I will then work with you so you can create a piece that is most relevant to this forum – and will gladly publish to this forum and make it happen.


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Let’s go ladies! Let us know what you are thinking about!

– Mama K

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