November 9: Stealing leaves

Fridays are always a bit bittersweet for me. It’s a day where I can spend the entire day with Twin Crazy and Twin Husky, but my time with Big Bro and Red is short since they have school/pre-school. Plus, there is that 3 hour timespan where we are gypsies, hanging around co-parent’s neighborhood for the drop off.

Today was a great day for me in the old neighborhood. During Red’s drop off, I saw guys blowing leaves to tidy up the neighborhood. Little did they know that I just bought another Tumbler composter and am in the process of building a winter garden. I asked them if I could take the leaves off their hands on my way back. They laughed.

There were so many leaves in the car you could barely make out Big Bro’s bike, and also his entire spot in the car (no carseat, just booster which was easy to get out of the way). Twin Husky was laughing while Twin Crazy slept. When we got home, we had 3 trips from the van to the backyard to spread out our bounty. Of course they both wanted to wear their boots. This will be my project tomorrow – getting the second compost tumbler ready and shredding the leaves with the lawnmower.








Pick ups for Big Bro and Red were fine; we went to the zoo and then went to Home Depot to return a holey hose and buy a new one. “Yes, they are all of my kids”. The kids were great and they helped me pick out a hose that they liked.




I’m looking forward to digging into the earth tomorrow with mole netting, the Tumbler composter project, and also seeing them in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend everyone!

– Mama K

November 8: Back to my new normal

Thursday is my day with the Twins and early pickups with Big Bro and Red.
Things I loved about today:

  • Waking up to Twin Crazy and his “Zebra” and having me kiss he Zebra on demand to his feet, ears, nose, etc. etc. etc.
  • Chocolate Thursday for breakfast, the kids happy, Cocoa sitting on the ottoman, and the fireplace on.  Two huge cups of coffee and feeling really good for the drive to Big Bro’s school
  • The soft rain outside, the smell of the trees, and the smell of someone’s fireplace. I feel like I am in a ski town now
  • How Big Bro and Twin Husky were doing great together today sharing balls; Big Bro was amazing with him today
  • Finding Red snuggled on the couch with Cocoa when I thought she was still sleeping in the van from the drive home
  • Dealing with Twin Husky after he found his rainboots; then Twin Crazy found hers. They were wearing them ALL DAY LONG and loving it
  • Having a little potty in my van; Twin Crazy needed it on our drive back to our house
  • Tickling Twin Husky and hearing his laugh
  • Pulling weeds and feeding the chickens with the Twins; feeling how soft the ground is and how easy the weeds come out with the root; the smell of the ground and the chill in the air and the clovers and green grass growing everywhere
  • Receiving unsolicited kisses from Twin Husky and then Twin Crazy when I tucked them in for their naps
  • Seeing Big Bro after school looking REALLY well rested; I had him sleep in as long as I could (7:30) so he got close to 12 hours of sleep last night. I could tell that it did him good today – he was so well behaved, fun, and so good with his brother/sisters
  • Doing homework with Big Bro after we got home
  • Playing kickball with a huge blue ball with the kids after getting home; Big Bro laughing and then gagging and then throwing up after the laughter. “I’m glad there were no other kids here”.
  • Having some neighborhood kids come over and kick the ball around, and then play Legos with the kids; watching Big Bro with his new best friend laughing on the top bunk of his bed as I took pictures of them
  • Seeing Twin Crazy and Twin Husky dancing non-stop when I turned the radio on in the van
  • How Big Bro is taking showers now in my room and is completely independent for this type of care
  • Seeing Red wash Twin Crazy’s hair; she is a wonderful big sister
  • Seeing Red’s beautiful ringlets of curls spiral around her face after her bath
  • Hearing Big Bro read the “book” that he created called “The Five Little Pumpkins”. How he created the book after dinner, and then offered to read it to everyone during bedtime routine
  • Flipping the girls each into bed and hearing their squeals
  • Having the kids go to sleep peacefully as soon as I tucked them in








The kids were WONDERFUL today; I am HAPPY and relaxed. I’m looking forward to the Fall in this new home with them.

– Mama K

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