May 2: Milkshakes and straws

It was a morning of lots of hugs and cuddles. A nice way to start the day. Since I worked from home on Monday, I am going into the office today – out of normal routine.

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • I got to the Twins as they were waking up. Poor Twin Husky did not have his Tigers with him and he asked for them immediately. I asked if he had them last night and he said No. I suggested we look for them downstairs.
  • Twin Crazy was gradually getting up and I got her to the potty.
  • Big Bro and Red were slow getting up today.
  • Downstairs, Twin Crazy was VERY clingy and we all went into the garage to look for Twin Husky’s Tigers. They were in the van. Poor guy. He must have missed them last night. But he looked really happy to see them this morning.
  • Twin Crazy was so clingy…. Mommy, mommy, mommy…. So Twin Husky wanted to be held too. I got them both on the couch and on my lap and we looked into the camera and saw ourselves and I made sure to have the Tigers in there too. They were laughing at that.
  • Red was fine this morning
  • Big Bro was battling us with his clothes. I am still convinced that he did not change his underwear or his socks from yesterday. Checking the socks is difficult because he has 12 pairs that look exactly alike. I ask him point blank if he got changed and he says “yes”… not looking at me. So I go over to him and look at him in his eyes and ask him the same question and he laughs and says “yes”. This concerns me. This kid knows how to fib and I don’t want it to progress further. We have discussions about “trust” and how once you lose someone’s trust it is VERY hard to get it back. So it’s important to have people still have trust in you. I need to think of another trick to make sure he’s getting dressed. Any suggestions Mamas?
  • Drop offs were fine. I packed shoes for the Twins but they both wanted to wear sneakers with laces (big mistake… i need to throw them out) so I had each of them holding one of those shoes. I’m pretty sure this will cause some sort of fight between them today. I’ll throw them out tonight.
  • Red drop off was great; we asked another mom about coming to the birthday party on Saturday for a friend that Red forgot about (as did I). I need to send this woman the info.
  • 20120502-210121.jpg

    I’m on the ferry now and feeling OK. I was so wiped out yesterday. I feel like today is a fresh start. I have some things related to the divorce that I need to attend to and then I MUST devote the bulk of today to my client project. I hate client projects at this point. I shouldn’t be doing them. I can’t succeed at them with four kids. My work knows this. I was only staffed on it because there were no available managers at the time it was started. I can’t wait to be done with it so I can focus on my real job.

    Highlights of My Working Day:
    It was a busy day and I got a lot of work done.

  • I started the day with some personal items – sending out birthday emails, making photocopies, etc.
  • I then switched gears pretty significantly to client work. I set the team up in a conference room for us to work with each other all day. I reviewed a document, had a conference call with the client to review the document. It was a good call with good, reasonable suggestions by the client. We are on track.
  • Because of this, I took the team to lunch. It was wonderful.
  • We then went back to work — I spent time creating analysis for a section of the work. It was good to have the team together. We bounced ideas off of each other and got the work done quickly. The most efficient way to get client projects done, I believe, is having the team together face-to-face even if each team-member is working on their own section of work.
  • I will have more to do tonight, likely after the kids go to bed.
  • 20120502-210149.jpg

    I am on the ferry now feeling reasonably good. I know that I have work to do tonight but I think it will be manageable. I also have tomorrow “off” and plan to keep the Twins for myself – and likely pick up Red early so that she can ride her bike back from her daycare. We will also need to make cupcakes for her tomorrow so she can bring them into class on Friday. I am looking forward to being with them tomorrow.

    Dinner and Bedtime:

  • I picked up Red first and her teacher was proud of the strawberries that were starting to grow from their class project. So we went to find the strawberries and I told Red that she was a great farmer.
  • We picked up Twin Crazy and Twin Husky next. They are great. Twin Husky wanted to go into Big Bro’s car seat, and Twin Crazy wanted to drive. She was busy pressing buttons and then I had a hard time figuring out how to get the doors to automatically shut. I eventually found the buttons and Twin Crazy was anxious to see if I could fix the problem. Lucky for her!
  • We went to pick up Big Bro and there were two boys left for me to invite to the birthday party. But I didn’t have their parents email address – they are kids that he plays with at “aftercare” so I wrote their moms personal notes. Hopefully they can come – Big Bro is excited. He rode his bike home but stopped 1/2 way because it was too windy for him.
  • We got home and I started to make dinner; Big Bro helped me mix some spices that I use for Mama K’s Mac-n-Cheese.
  • THE KIDS ATE LIKE TEENAGERS. Mac-n-cheese, fish, leftover pizza, string beans. All kids ate all of their food… so I decided to forego the fruit dessert and head straight for a milkshake… the kids were so excited and downed their milkshakes, and then had fun with the paper straws.
  • I cleaned up from dinner, then played with the kids. I had Twin Crazy and Twin Husky tonight and they were wonderful. They read pictures to me and even made the sounds of the animals. I am amazed at how well Twin Crazy can say her words. She is so understandable. I wasn’t expecting that of twins. She speaks her words SO CLEARLY and enunciates the sounds so well. “Duck”, “pig”, “cat”, etc. are all pronounced with the full sounds – beginning to end. I love it. And Twin Husky loves to talk about parts of the stories. His favorite book now is the Busy Spider or something like that from Eric Carle. He loves the part where the spider is sleeping and he loves to count the stars. We do our routine… climb into the cribs, touch their faces, “I……. love…… you……” in a whisper. Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Bye bye. Blow kisses.
  • I went in and gave Red and Big Bro kisses on their heads.
  • 20120502-210220.jpg









    I’m downstairs now after a shower and a good face cleaning (Clarisonic, love it). I’m looking forward to tomorrow on my day off from work – a chance for me to decompress with the kids. My goal with them tomorrow is to bake cupcakes for Red’s birthday party at school.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K

    March 6: Cooking, cleaning, and clobbering

    It is a windy Chocolate Tuesday! It was a good morning – all kids were obviously excited about their Nutella chocolate breakfast. Twin Crazy first said that she wanted oatmeal and then changed her mind (rightfully so) when she learned from her older siblings that it was Tuesday.

    Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • I checked work email first and responded to some messages related to some work I was doing on behalf of our Europe office. I also gave some feedback to client team members on some deliverables that I reviewed last night, that way they have this feedback first thing in the morning when they get to their desks.
  • We woke up to a cold house this morning – 64 degrees. The heat was not turned on last night.
  • Twin Crazy peed through her diaper so her bed was soaked. I have to buy night-time diapers for these two.
  • Big Bro was hiding under his covers. At first we didn’t think he was in his room, but he wasn’t in my room either. Where is Big Bro? I admit that I was a bit nervous. I changed Twin Husky quickly and went to his room and quickly felt ontop of the bundle of covers and hit a knee or leg or something. He’s here! Whew. He was laughing since he tricked us.
  • Big Bro asked to see a picture of a Batman lego so he could color in his batman picture. I googled it and found an image for him. He knows about how I can do this on my phone and makes these random requests to me all the time.
  • Downstairs Red said that she was going to eat 100 pieces of bread for chocolate tuesday. Big Bro said that that doesn’t make any sense. If she were to eat 100 pieces of bread her stomach would explode. I laughed and told him that I absolutely LOVE this stage that he is in. He reasons all of the time. He challenges you when things make sense or they do not. He comes up with alternatives. He negotiates. He manipulates. He is on his toes and it keeps me on mine.
  • Twin Husky was shoving his face into his cereal bowl to lick up the milk. Eventually he figured out how to lift the bowl to drink the milk. So cute. He was in a great mood this morning.
  • Vitamins! All kids went nuts. One of the brands offers “fish” and “star” shapes and Big Bro wanted a “star” so Twin Husky asked for a “star” too. Then they both started dancing around chanting “star! star! star! star!”. It was so cute. Brothers. Male-bonding. Over a star vitamin.
  • I put Vitamin E on Twin Crazy’s owie on her nose. It is a really bad scab now and I’m concerned that it is going to fall off too fast. It would be a shame to have a scar on that cute little face of hers. We talked about Big Bro’s scabbed knee and how nicely it healed. And Big Bro noticed it too and was going to say something about it… how his skin is clean and how you can’t see much of a scab anymore.
  • Red got changed without a problem. She has a new “system” for putting on her socks which she was explaining to me. I was only half listening.
  • Big Bro was ready to ride with the Motley Crew. He called for me and said goodbye and I called for him and told him I loved him and for him to have a great day. He was off.
  • Even though we were early, we divided up the drop offs. Red requested me since she did not have me yesterday. I said goodbye to the twins and told them to have fun today. Twin Crazy wanted me to sit in the front seat and drive. So sweet. So nice to feel needed. I told her I would pick her up after school.
  • Red looked so cute in the back seat of the car. She was sitting there with her baby doll all smiles. I love how she looks at me when we have this time together. I called her my little buddy. Drop off went very smoothly and it looked like she was excited to be with her friends.
  • On the way to the car I checked email and found out that I secured a very, very difficult organization who will participate as a speaker at one of the forums. YES!!!! I am psyched. Apparently our firm has tried in the past without much success but I was able to land it through LinkedIn of all sources! YES!!!
  • 20120306-214645.jpg



    I will be very busy today. Back to back meetings with some breaks in between where I will need to get work done. It will be fast and furious today. I will need to get a good breakfast on the way to work.

    I’m on the ferry now and feeling good. There was good separation between us this morning so I feel stress-free. I got a tremendous night’s sleep. My plans are coming together for my solo weekend. I’m am feeling good (as of now).

    Highlights of My Working Day:
    Another busy day….

  • The office move is still going well. I am “squatting” in someone’s office until my furniture arrives. No problem. I’m easy when it comes to stuff like that. I saw an equipment cart and thought it was great… it was for one of the contractors who are working on our space. The cart made me laugh which was a great way to start my working day.
  • I followed up with some emails regarding the forums we are having in April, in terms of guest attendance and also potential speakers.
  • I had a primary interview with the project team with one of our client colleagues. It was a good meeting.
  • I met with an ex-colleague who works at a company that we would like to invite as a guest for one of our meetings in April.
  • I met with the team in the AM to go over what we were going to review with the client during our status meeting in the afternoon. I added some content and made some suggestions — they handed it off to the client in time for their review.
  • We had our client review meeting and it went REALLY well. They appreciate the tangible work provided to them so far, and they understand the methodology of market sizing we are using. Our first “interim” project review will be next week and we will be so far along with the client – we can use the time together to go over scenarios and impact versus showing them analysis for the first time.
  • I requested my admin to schedule some meetings for planning purposes for the forums; speaker requests and content that the audience will want to have covered.
  • 20120306-214751.jpg

    The ferry home was enjoyable. I feel good about the day and feel like I’m making progress on many fronts at work. I also feel good about the kids and am looking forward to what this year will bring, once we get passed the storm and once we know that the kids will adjust.

    Dinner and Bedtime:

  • I picked up Red first. She was busy playing with a friend in the playground. Her smiling face is so sweet – she shows so much joy. She is so playful and free-spirited.
  • We picked up Twin Crazy and Twin Husky next. They were excited to show me the little cars they were playing with. I noticed that they always were right near each other… parked together either side by side or in a line together. I wonder if all kids in small daycares behave like this together or is it the fact they are twins? I can’t tell.
  • We picked up Big Bro and again he rode his bike home. I asked him earlier in the trip if he was OK and if it was OK for me to go ahead without him. He excitedly reported back “YES Mommy!!!”. I turned the hazards off and slowly accelerated, looking at him in my rear-view mirror.
  • As I pulled into the garage, Red stated that tonight is my night with Big Bro and Red for bedtime routine. I unpacked the kids and the stuff and waited for Big Bro’s return. He came back all smiles, gave me a fist-pump, and pushed the button to close the garage door.
  • Inside, I gave the kids a small gold-fish cracker snack. Then started dinner. I made chicken cutlets with homemade breadcrumbs. The kids helped me make the breadcrumbs and also made a mess on the floor which Big Bro vaccumed up. Big Bro also pounded the chicken. They set the table. They were amazingly cooperative. I think the snack helped, along with keeping them busy and keeping them feeling useful.
  • All ate well. Red was a scavenger and ate up everyone’s string-beans. Big Bro, despite helping to cook the chicken, rejected it completely.
  • Afterwards Big Bro and Twin Husky had an issue with a ball – Big Bro grabbed the ball away from Twin Husky and actually hit him on the head. I couldn’t believe it. I think it even surprised Big Bro. I sent him upstairs. He kept coming down. I threatened his bike ride for tomorrow. He came out again. I threatened his bike ride for Thursday. He finally stayed quiet and sulked with Legos. He wound up losing his two bike rides.
  • After cleaning up, I went upstairs because I wanted to read with Big Bro. I think he felt bad and needed some reinforcement. He was playing Legos so I let him be. I changed Twin Crazy into pajamas, put some Vitamin E on her scab-less face to hopefully avoid a scar, and then everyone wound up coming upstairs.
  • I had Big Bro and Red tonight. I read to them. They were great with their teeth. We did “magnets” (responsibility boards) and Big Bro insisted that he did not earn magnets for several of the items — even those that I would have given to him…. He felt guilty about hitting Twin Husky. We talked about it. He said he felt bad. I reassured him that even though his behavior was bad tonight that he is still loved. And Red even said that “You still love us even if we have bad behavior”. I also wanted to make sure that he FEELS loved. Its one thing to say it all the time but its another thing to really FEEL loved. And I asked him if he felt loved and he responded yes. So I think we ended on a good note despite the hitting and not listening episode. It really is a shame since he was SOOOOOOOOOOO cooperative after school. Riding his bike home, helping with dinner, cleaning up, setting the table. He was a dream tonight. I don’t know what went wrong.
  • 20120306-214838.jpg








    I wound up holding their hands as they went to sleep. I’m downstairs now thinking about the day and feeling good. I’m thinking about the work I need to do tomorrow and feel like it will be a good day.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K

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