Meet my Children

I’d like to use this time to introduce you to the four little wonders of my world.   I feel like the luckiest woman alive and am so proud to call myself “mom” to my pumpkins.   For sake of this site, I will call them:

  • “Big Bro”:   Born the Summer of 2006 at 8 pounds he towers over most children his age and even those older than him.   He has always been a serious child.   As a baby his eyebrows would furrow and you could tell that he was contemplating, processing, learning, and questioning.   He screamed his head off for hours in the evenings and from that point on he became spoiled.   Yes, we would rock, bounce, sing him to sleep, which was emotionally and physically draining.   To this day he is the child that requires the most attention and is definitely high maintenance if he does not get his way.   Despite this, his general disposition is quite gentle.   He is extremely empathetic.   He is a quick learner.   He is coordinated.   He loves being a big brother.   He is proud of his younger siblings and encourages them to learn.   He is a lefty.

  • “Red”:   Born close to 2 years later in the Summer of 2008 at 8 pounds 10 ounces, she is now a petite little thing.   However, her personality is not so petite.   She is fiery, spunky, manipulative and playful.   She is extremely dramatic in all that she does.   She laughs hard, and plays harder.   She keeps up with her big brother who towers over her.    She is fearless.   Always climbing and trying new things.   We once found her climbing up the outside fire escape before she could even walk.  She is probably the most gorgeous child I have ever seen.   She surprised us with ringlets of fiery red hair, fair skin, and deep brown eyes.   She is a proud big sister and has been mothering our youngest twins practically since the day they were born.

  • “Twin Crazy”:   Born in the Winter of 2010 at a measly 6 pounds and 5 ounces, she was alert and “in the know” from the very beginning.   Definitely energetic, loves to sing, dance, “talk”.   She has tons of dark hair and the biggest round dark eyes.   She has eyelashes that make you jealous.   Once a little peanut, she is now pudgy.   She is taking everything in — she is extremely curious, dexterious, and happy.   She squeals at the sight of a dog and anything fuzzy/fluffy.   She is goofy.  She loves to make us laugh.

  • “Twin Husky”:   Born along with his sister in the Winter of 2010 at a whopping 6 pounds 12 ounces, he is extremely physical and loves to wander.   He loves to explore.   He loves to be outside in the mud and trees.   He is a cuddly little guy…. with huge hands and a very deep voice.    He is a sweetheart and you can’t help but kiss his pudgy face.

These children are the best things that ever happened in my life.  Unquestionably.   I never imagined or intended to have a family this big, but I have no regrets.   I can’t imagine my life any other way.   I’m looking forward to your getting to know them through my posts.

– Mama K


  1. What a darling family!
    (But a much older, not so cute one!)

    • I’ve been getting your posts and you are amazing!! I love your sense of humor and you just “get it”. So real. I’m new to your site so still need to get to know you. Would love to perhaps collaborate on something in 2012. I’m focused on the power of working mothers and I’m trying to pull something together (services) to make their lives easier. Getting good content is a first step. I can learn a lot from you in so many ways — getting traffic, managing work/family… life perspective.

      I’m looking forward to getting to know you in 2012.

      And I love that you go by “Red”. I find myself referring to my daughter with that nickname by mistake so many times. I love it.

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