Retreating again

It’s been all week since I’ve posted anything.   My mind is occupied with divorce proceedings.  I need to get this done quickly and fiercely.   I am so strained financially.   I was the one that left the house, I still have possessions inside of that old house, I caved and bought a different car, and my ex essentially is fighting me saying that certain investments of ours were his separate property before marriage – so I feel like I have no assets or safety net from which to protect me or my kids in the future.

I pay for their haircuts.  I pay for their new clothes for school.  My ex does not even respond to my requests for 50% reimbursement.   This is bad foreshadowing for what will come over the next 15+ years financially with him.

I feel very, very low right now.

I am retreating again.

Hopefully this will be over quickly so I can breathe fresh air again.


  1. Linda J. Costanzo says:

    Get to it girl! Get together with your lawyers…2 good ones…one divorce lawyer & a RE lawyer. Remember….this is security for the rest of your life with your children. Fight NOW to insure your FUTURE!!! DON’T CAVE IN AGAIN!!!! Get everything written up as a legal doc. He can’t be trusted to do his share; after all, he never did!!!

  2. Stay strong! I have to believe that there is a better day coming for you.

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