Random Thoughts: Remembering the first kiss

You may know that it is going to come your way.   You may have anticipated it; fantasized about it.  There is an excitement.  An air of anticipation.   The experience is yet an unknown.   How will he feel?  How will he smell?  Taste?   How will this go?   Awkward?  Or natural?   Out of the blue?   How soft will he be?   What will it feel like to have his lips on yours?

And then each of you draw near.   The questions cease.  Your wonder comes to an end.  The mystery is over.  The fantasy has been realized, or maybe the experience has left you sadly disappointed?

Increased heart rate, the smell of his neck, the feel of his body, the closeness of the touch, the feel of his hair, the feel of his embrace.  Leaving wanting more.

Are you like me and do you remember that first kiss?

Photo source:  kidzworld.com


Working mothers are also women.   Sometimes strong, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes utterly romantic, and sometimes sadly oblivious.

Perhaps one way to get through the juggling of work and kids is to take a step back and think of your partner and remember that first kiss.  Remember how he made you feel.  Remember the reactions in your body, remember the thoughts in your head, or just the bliss of thoughtless “non-thinking” and just “doing”.

Yes, the partnership may lose its luster over time and also with added stress and the physical demands of raising children.  But maybe there is a way to get that spark back by thinking back on that first moment.  That first physical connection.   The first physical connection which obviously lead to much more… a life together, a family together.  Your children.

In my opinion we should work hard to remember that first kiss.  So much leading up to it, so much coming after it….

Are you like me and is that first kiss etched in your memory??

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– Mama K

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