September 28: Tired.

Friday!   It was a long one.

Highlights of the Day:

  • Woke up to Red and Cocoa.  Then Twin Husky.  Then Twin Crazy.  All were in my bed.  I love the morning hugs from these kids.
  • We ate fast; Big Bro again helped with making bread and butter, and also with vitamins.  They all changed quickly and got their shoes on and packed without a problem.  I sent them outside to the car as I finished gathering some things together.  They are doing remarkably well with these morning drives.  I keep the radio off and we talk about things.   Today, it was extremely foggy after we got through the hillside and I talked about the fog and how the big hill holds back the fog from where we live.  How the sun burns off the fog in several hours.  We wondered if we would see Twin Crazy’s “castle” buildings, and we did.  They had special lights on today and we all said we should check on a sunny day to see if those same lights are on.
  • Drop offs were great; Big Bro headed off to his classroom with no problems, even ran a bit.  How cute.  Red laughed with one of her diva friends at school and it was so cute to see them together laughing.   On the way out, we bought more toys – this time wooden blocks.  Twin Husky carried them out, looking all muscular.  He looks like a complete disaster.  Banged up knees, elbows, and huge fat lip from falling yesterday.  The poor kid though has a huge threshold for pain.  Nothing bothers him.
  • Back at home, Twin Crazy, Twin Husky, and I did our normal routine together… watered the plants outside, did some weeding, fed the chickens, gathered some old leaves for our compost tumbler.
  • Inside, Twin Husky wanted to rest a bit.  Twin Crazy took out a blank notebook and said she wanted to read a story.  So together we made one up.  It was about a dog named Pete who went to the park to play with balls.   I love how she uses her imagination and I love how she played this game with me.   We went back and forth making up the story together.  She turned the blank pages of the notebook along as we “read”.
  • I called the doctor about Twin Crazy’s pink eye and Twin Husky’s rash that looks like ringworm (thanks to the old guinea pig, Batman).   She called in a prescription.
  • Early lunch, early nap.   Even I fell asleep for a bit.
  • We woke up, picked up meds, and hauled ass to school to pick up Big Bro and Red.
  • I took them to an airplane museum.  The funny thing is that the part they loved the most were the planes on the outside of the museum where they could climb in – this part was absolutely free.  So next time I know not to bother to pay for admission.   They had a blast.  Pretending to fly, and Big Bro going to “air traffic control” to direct traffic.  So cute.
  • I then took them to a playground.  The girls were coloring while the boys were busy making a mess in the sand.  I was completing a page in a coloring book with Red that we started the night before.  That was my project with her today.  She shared a page with Twin Crazy.  She wanted to share a page with Big Bro but he was too particular and then he started to break Red’s crayons.  I got so mad that I packed them up and left.  Why is the eldest the absolute hardest to deal with, always?!??!?!?!?!?


I’m at home now and before I left I talked with Big Bro and told him that I didn’t want to leave being angry with him, and if he understood why I felt the way I did… that Red was being very generous trying to share her book and that I felt that he was being difficult only wanting the one page that Red and I were already working on.  He still feels his own way.  He is very much like me.  Stubborn.  But at least I talked with him about it and told him that I love him anyway even if he made me mad.

I’m tired.  This week caught up with me.  My house looks like a disaster.  I just want to lay down and sleep.  Which I think I will.  Waking up early and attacking the house will give me something to do – it’s supposed to be gorgeous out this weekend and I’m looking forward to hanging out with the kids outside with the rest of the neighborhood kids.

Have a great weekend everybody –

– Mama K

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