September 12: Back in the saddle again

This is a bit late; sorry.   It’s been quite busy here and I’m running on all cylinders –

Wednesday was a 1/2 work day for me. 

My Working Day:

  • Got up, made coffee, essentially worked from my bathrobe in my house for the 1/2 day.
  • Had a sales call with a potential member for a forum – it went excellent!  They will be coming to our meeting and have already agreed to sign on as members.   Awesome!
  • I did a lot of outreach for the forum coming up in less than two weeks.  It is stress-time now.
  • I called a quits at 1 PM and washed my face, put on clothes.  Headed to the car to get the kids.

The Rest of the Day:

  • I picked up Big Bro and got there in plenty of time.   I wanted some 1:1 time with him so stole him with me to run some errands, solo.
  • We headed out and bought a KitchenAid mixer and got an AMAZING DEAL at Kohl’s.   Sale, rebate, and Kohl’s cash back.   There is no way I would have ever been able to buy this machine at such a price ANYWHERE else.   I was psyched.
  • Big Bro and I went to get him a haircut.  His hair has been out of control and picture day was the next day.   Before the haircut, we grabbed a snack.  He got a chocolate covered mini-rice krispie treat, and I a chocolate covered strawberry.   I loved the time with him.    His haircut turned out OK.
  • Pick ups for the rest of the kids was fine.   Teachers were saying that Twin Husky was doing great with potty training.   I talked with the teacher in Red’s new class (who was also the teacher for Big Bro) and she commented that I looked great and happy.   We talked a bit about personal matters and about how Red is handling it.    Red ran to her old classroom and the teachers there gave her such huge hugs.  Again, I got the “you look great, happy, BEAMING” comment.  It is so true.   I feel like my life is so different and so much better than it was one year ago this time.
  • On the ride home Twin Husky told me that he cries sometimes at school because he misses mommy and daddy.  I am so glad he is at least saying his words and telling me how he feels…. I’m encouraging that with all of the kids.
  • We had an early dinner, ate pudding.   Twin Husky wanted a “huge” spoon.
  • Cocoa got a lot of attention from everybody.  Red was reading her a book.   Cocoa was snuggling into Red’s neck and kissing/ licking her neck.  So sweet.
  • We watched some of the movie “A Bugs Life” because Big Bro wanted me to see some of it and point out the really funny parts.
  • Book time was great and I had all the kids around me.



It was a FANTASTIC day – very productive at work and so happy to be back with the kids!

– Mama K

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