September 7: Boogies, bottles, and boats

Fridays are fun.  I get to be a stay at home mom.  But this morning was absolutely RIDICULOUS.   I mean, seriously, seriously ridiculous.   I am getting sick and I slept through my alarm.   All hell broke loose this AM as I was trying to get four kids out of the house and drive on two highways to get Big Bro to school on time….  the rest of the day made up for it.

Highlights of the Morning:

  • Woke up at 6:55 AM to Red, Twin Crazy, and Cocoa.  Realized what time it was.  Sprang out of bed like a bat out of hell.
  • There were no clothes set out the night before… and loads of laundry that still needed to be organized, dried.  I grabbed clean clothes from the dryer onto the floor so I could put the wet stuff in – otherwise Big Bro would have a problem with shorts.
  • I tried to make myself coffee to get through this.
  • Twin Crazy was hungry.  There was no way I could put her off.  I try to do breakfast in the car but only when we leave at 7 AM.   Oh shit.  I had to make breakfast now too for everyone or else there would be meltdowns.  I made 3 oatmeals pronto.
  • Big Bro came out quietly, fingering two bills (a $5, a $1).  The tooth fairy came last night, for the first time ever.  I tried to make a REALLY big deal about this but it was more rushed than I would have liked.  Big Bro was silent but smiling.
  • Twin Crazy was having issues with her nose.  Sneezing and snot all over the place.
  • Red was having breakdowns over pants, …. or then over socks…. , but then she figured it out and was OK when I checked on her.
  • I was running around trying to get kids clothes together.  Never, never, never will I ever have them go to sleep the night before without picking out their clothes.  Ever.  I promise myself now.  EVER.
  • Big Bro was hungry and wanting to eat; he requested bread and butter.  I softened some butter for him in the microwave and asked him to spread it himself.  He did great.
  • Then the kids said they wanted toast.  F!!!    I threw in some bread in the toaster to take in the car.
  • Twin Husky is throwing a fit because he’s trying to get socks on by himself and is getting stuck.  I help him through it.
  • Oh shit.  I have to do Big Bro’s lunch.  F!!!   You know this again is something that could be done the night before damn it.  I cursed myself.  Soft foods for his teeth.  OK.  Leftover pasta, yogurt.   He also packed up two slices of bread and butter.   This is good.  He’s helping to pack his lunch.  Awesome.
  • Twin Crazy sneezes again all over the place.
  • I finally got my coffee together.   Kids with shoes on.   I remembered to pee.   Twin Crazy is screaming for her blanket.    Twin Husky is having problems putting two Tigers into his little backpack.  OK, out the door.
  • Twin Husky falls down a step because his shoes are on backwards.   He is screaming outside but OK after 1 minute.  He told me that he was OK but it was “scary”
  • Once we got into the car it was great.  I dished out the toast.  We talked about the colors of cars and trucks.  It was actually relaxing.  I actually enjoy this time with the kids.   We are able to talk about things, they joke with each other and me, and it honestly is fun.  I keep the radio off so we can talk and hang out.
  • Drop off for Big Bro happened right on time.  He left the van like a big kid and made his way to his class.  I told him again how proud I was of him and his behavior at the Dentist yesterday.  He had his two teeth taped up in a tooth-shaped container with him.
  • Drop off for Red was great.  We were laughing with her friends about the rules: 1) Learn; 2) Laugh; 3) Exercise your body.    Her teacher said she is doing great with her letters, doing Upper and lower case letters and writing extremely well.  My god do I love this kid.
  • On the way out I again bought some things at the “everything must go” sale… some Jenga and wood blocks, and a bingo game with little words in the grid.   Big Bro and I can play this together.
  • The ride home was uneventful.  We stopped for gas, then I stopped at Walgreens to get a nose plunger for Twin Crazy.  Twin Husky looked a bit out of it.

Highlights of the Afternoon:

  • Twin Husky was in a foul mood.   I decided to feed them.  That worked a bit, but not really.   I looked at his face… his eyes were bloodshoot.  He said he wanted to take his Tigers into his room and go to sleep.   He put himself to bed after I gave him some Motrin.  Something is going around with these kids and I’m not sure if he’s getting something.  I thought it was so cute how he put himself to bed.  He slept for 3 hours.
  • In the meantime, me and Twin Crazy had some time to ourselves.  I plunged out her nose and she gladly let me.  It didn’t really work.  I taught her how to blow her nose.  We had fun with that.  That worked a little.  I gave her a haircut and cut her hair into bangs and angled the sides so she could see better with her “long hair”.  I watched her play castle and use her imagination with the dolls.  I took movies of her doing this.
  • We napped.   I felt like crap too.
  • We all got up, snacked, and I packed for the rest of the day.   The kids were excited and looking great.   I packed some bags, but this time much more leisurely.
  • The ride was completely traffic-free.  We talked about the water in the distance.  We got to Big Bro’s in plenty of time.   We picked up Red no problems.    We were off on our afternoon adventure – I had three hours with them before transition time to co-parent’s.
  • We were missing two waterbottles so we went to CVS.  The list was:  2 waterbottles, and a bottle of water.  The kids know about my lists.   That means we cannot get ANYTHING else.   They stopped me several times in the store from buying other items (it backfires on me but I can live with that).
  • We headed to a playground that I’ve never been to with the kids.  They had a blast.  Twins were sliding down slides and catching each other.  Red was running around.  Big Bro was talking on the phone (Nana, co-parent I think), taking pictures, and taking movies.   We snacked.  I enjoyed relaxing, eating fruit, watching the kids, and running after them.  It was a great afternoon.
  • Then the real adventure:  “Ferry-ride to nowhere”.  I took them on the commuter ferry and we headed to the city.  Stayed on the boat and then headed back.   A one-hour trip in total.  Kids were great.   We talked about boats, the bridge, the pelicans and how their beaks are big enough for an entire fish to go in there, the sound of the boat, the feeling of the waves… the kids ate graham crackers and drank from their water bottles.  They shared water and shared seats.   Big Bro and Twin Crazy were the best behaved so I gave them the tickets to give to the operators.  This made Red mad at me.
  • Drop off to co-parent’s was great.  We had a lot of information to exchange – dentists, teeth, who is sick and with what and at what time their last medicine was given, Red’s letters, Twin Crazy’s haircut, how great Big Bro was at the Dentist, the tooth fairy…
  • I made sure that Red was not mad at me anymore.  I talked with her at my car.  I said it was OK for her to feel mad at me.  I said I knew she still loved me.  But she needs to talk about it… get it out of her body.  I asked her a question, “Are you mad at me because I did not give you a ticket?”   and then I nodded her head for her up and down to say “Yes”.   She started to laugh.   She decided to get out of the car and asked for a piggy-back ride.   She was all smiles.   I told her how important it is for her to talk about her feelings and I asked her if we were “OK” with each other now.   She was all smiles.   Whew.   Last week I had a bad day with the kids because they were not listening to me and I swear those next few days were brutal for me.   I promised myself never to leave any of the kids with either me being mad at them or them being mad at me.   Never.  Ever.

I’m feeling like shit physically – sore throat and headache.  But I honestly am so full inside – little by little I am making my way at having one-on-one time with each of the kids; maybe not EVERY day, but at least weekly I am able to carve out good, quality time with each of them.   I’ve had them since Tuesday night and this morning was a nightmare.  So I’m ready for a night to myself.   I will see them tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM.   I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep, hopefully getting rid of whatever germ is inside of me, and seeing them tomorrow afternoon.

Have a great weekend all –

– Mama K

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