September 6: Goodbye to TWO teeth – and no tears!

This was a busy Thursday; I was off yet “working”, very tired from a poor night’s sleep with Twin Crazy, feeling like a stomach bug was coming on, and getting Big Bro to the dentist… I had no idea what was in store for the day when I woke up this morning…

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • We were kind of “off” this AM.  I did not sleep well last night since Twin Crazy was sick with a bad head cold.
  • Chocolate Thursday – that made things easier.
  • Cocoa was enjoying her salad breakfast with us.  Twin Husky got a kick out of her this AM.
  • We left a bit late, but the traffic was not bad.  We talked about the colors of the cars – how some were unusual for cars (e.g., bright green, bright blue PG&E trucks, etc.).   We also played games about who can see the cars or not… it passed the time and we arrived in no time.
  • I made it in time to drop Big Bro off at school in the driveway drop off area.  He would walk to his class from there.  A friend of his walked by and told me “You’re not married anymore”.  Thanks for reminding me kid…. He said this in front of Big Bro, who laughed a bit… I now realize that this laugh of his could be a nervous laugh reaction; I’ve been upset at him in the past for laughing at me when I discipline him.  This may just be how he handles situations like that?
  • Drop off for Red was a bit tough; she was clingy and complaining about her shoes.  As soon as I got her set up with her friends she was fine.  They were playing with tiny “whiteboards” where I wrote out the 3 things that they each need to do today at school (my normal mantra to the kids):  1)  Laugh; 2) Learn; and 3) Exercise your body.   That seemed to work with everyone and Red was much happier as we left.
  • The school will be renovating and is therefore selling a lot of stuff at rock bottom prices.  I picked up 3 sets of educational games, one felt board, and one pretend vacuum cleaner (that Twin Crazy and Twin Husky have both loved through the years of drop offs/pick ups), all for $11.   I was pumped.  There will be more to come as they continue with the room renovations.

Highlights of the Day:

  • On the drive back home I had a conference call which ended with Twin Crazy and Twin Husky crying.   Wonderful.
  • We snacked, which made things better.
  • I cleaned up the kitchen while the kids played with the vacuum cleaner and new toys from daycare.
  • Then it was random playtime:   pretend play with horse stables and castles, coloring, watering the garden, getting picked up and tickled, trying to use the potty (for chocolate chips), watering the front yard plants and fixing the pressure of the drip system while the kids helped to water the plants, finding and chasing a baby lizard…
  • The drive back was uneventful as the kids were napping.
  • I arrived at Big Bro’s school 1 hour early – the end times are staggered at the beginning of the year and I messed up.  At least I was early and not too late.
  • We picked up Red.  Looked at more stuff on sale and picked up a wooden puzzle and a 2 gallon drink thermos.
  • Big Bro was happy to see me during pick up.   I told him we were off to the dentist – his first adult tooth is growing in BEHIND his baby tooth…

Highlights of the Rest of the Day:

  • The dentist was fine for 3 of the kids, who got to go to a play room while me and Big Bro remained in the exam room while he had two baby teeth extracted.   OMG I needed the laughing gas more than he did.  He was so brave.  2 baby teeth pulled from his mouth, and not one tear shed.  He handled it like such a man.  He did not flinch, did not whine, did not complain.  He laid there – as still as a rock – listening and following instructions the whole time.  I was / AM so proud of the little big guy.   He is sleeping right now with his teeth in a container under his pillow.  I MUST not forget to be the tooth fairy tonight.  This will be my first time in this role.
  • By the time we got back to the house I was exhausted and Big Bro was also wiped out.   I gave him Motrin.  We all rested a bit and played with the new stuff from daycare.
  • I cooked pasta and pudding for dinner.  Soft stuff that Big Bro’s mouth can tolerate.
  • Red was sooooooooooo helpful again tonight.  Caring for Cocoa, helping set the table, asking me “what else can I help you with?”.  OMG how cute.  She is so sweet how she wants to get involved.  I love her more and more each day.  I don’t know how this is possible but it is.
  • Cocoa was very tolerant of us tonight.  She was out of her cage for most of the evening – ate a lot of salad, got handled a lot by Red, went on a stroller ride….  so cute
  • Kids were playing with daycare toys.  Love it.   I loved it when they were all there playing side by side.  No teasing, no crying, no hitting, little talking even.   I think that was my highlight of the day.
  • Twin Husky is still trying to go potty every 5 seconds – he does this for chocolate chips.
  • Book/bedtime was rougher since Twin Crazy and Twin Husky were over-tired; plus poor Big Bro was out of it; he was still in an amazing mood and there was still no whining coming from him.  He was a dream child tonight.

I’m tired but happy.  I’m hoping I can get some sleep tonight.  Sleep makes a big difference when you are caring for four kids.   I can’t handle their yelling at each other with little sleep.  And they know that of me.

Til tomorrow –

– Mama K (aka “first time tooth fairy”)

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