August 30: A sick kid

Big Bro stayed home today, along with the siblings (who did not have daycare today).   Big Bro stayed home because he was sick.

  • Everyone was eating breakfast, “Chocolate Thursday”, and Big Bro was still in his room, complaining of a stomach ache.
  • I got everyone together…. dressed, vitamins, shoes, tigers, blankets, etc.    Big Bro was still going in slow motion.  Still not eating.  I felt his head.  Warm.  But it was hot outside.   This is the benefit of having four kids:   I grabbed some other kids to compare temperatures.   Big Bro was definitely warm.   I grabbed two thermometers.   Both not working.  Trashed.   I looked at Big Bro.  Bloodshot eyes.   Refusing chocolate thursday.   I medicated him and sent him back to bed.  He actually slept.
  • So, its his first week of first grade, and he’s already missed one day of school.   This reminds me of his first week of daycare… he was kicked out by Thursday… his fourth day… for fever.  Seems like we are repeating history.
  • Big Bro lounged about the entire day.  He was feverish and needed alternating ibuprofen, Tylenol, ibuprofen, …. … all day long.  He ate little.   He fell asleep for the night at 6:30 PM, a first.
  • The rest of the kids did well today, and played quietly.   Lots of coloring, building Legos, taking care of Cocoa.   Red was SUPER helpful and cleaned up her entire room, put away her and her sister’s clean clothes, and even started vacuuming up the house.   She helped set and clear the table for dinner as well.  She was amazing today.  And I told her so.
  • So, right now Big Bro is isolated from the rest.   I set up a small sleep area for Twin Husky in the girls’ room.  And the girls let him in there since they all sort of bonded today.    Everyone was sound asleep by 8:15 PM.  Another first.

It was a relatively good day all things considering, but I really felt bad for Big Bro.  He seemed so out of it.  And I’m not sure what tonight will bring.  Hopefully nothing too eventful.

Wish us luck tomorrow.  Hopefully he sleeps this off, and did not pass it to anyone…

Til tomorrow –

– Mama K

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