July 5: Responsibilities and work

Thursday is here and I’m pretty psyched. Today I usually do not work and have responsibility for the kids. However, I’ve been instructed that Big Bro and Red need to be taken to daycare on my days off, even though I keep Twin Crazy and Twin Husky with me, even though it is just daycare, even though I do not work on these days and WANT to be with them, and even though Twin Crazy and Twin Husky are now forced to ride on the highway FOUR times to do the drop offs and picks up with me.

I’m psyched today because co-parent “allowed” me to keep everyone home today and tomorrow since he had a vacation with them on Monday and Tuesday of this week. So I had the day with the kids, ALL of the kids, and it was great.

Highlights of the Day:

  • The kids woke up at 8 AM. They hopped in my bed and I loved it. Red brought in “Cocoa” they guinnea pig and I hoped she would not poop in my bed.
  • We had a fast breakfast and all got changed. I picked some weeds and feed the chickens as the kids got changed.
  • We hit the library in my new town to check it out and get the kids library cards. IT IS HUGE!!!!! Big Bro knew how to get a library card. I did this with him at our old house. Thie kid needs to know how to write their names by themselves. So that was easy for him. The big news is that Red is now writing her name too!!! So she got to sign up for a library card too. I told them the responsibility that comes with having a library card. How they are responsible for taking care of the card and for taking care of the books we borrow. They were pumped. We all headed to the books and passed a huge section of DVDs that I got excited over. We picked out books first, one for each child, and then went and picked out 2 DVDs. They were all excited.
  • We snacked outside of the library and made it to the car in one piece. We had some lunch and then the Twins took their naps. I read their new books to them.
  • During naps we played with Cocoa, watched some TV, and did work in the yard. Me and Red worked together to dig holes, water the earth, and plant corn stalk sprouts that were given to us by our neighbors. She was great with the hose. She also found time to chase chickens and she picked up two on different occasions. I’m calling her my “chicken whisperer”. She’s really good at getting them and they seem to like her. Her face looks so proud when she holds them – she tries to hold back a smile which is so cute. Big Bro helped me to repot a raspberry bush to a bigger outdoor pot. They both really enjoy the one-on-one time and working together with me.
  • After naps, the kids played on scooters, and I continued to work in the yard. I used some shears to cut back some trees in the driveway. Big Bro swept.
  • The five of us took a walk to the mailbox for a break – someone was crying beforehand and I needed a diversion.
  • I then got adventurous and started to “weed wack” the mass of dead weeds in the backyard. WHY DID I WAIT UNTIL NOW TO START USING IT? THE THING IS AMAZING!!!! The weeds come down within seconds and seriously the yard looks so much better. Big Bro and Red were turning my Tumbler of compost, and then also got rakes to clean up the dead weeds. They were both working so hard. So cute. Twin Crazy was scared of the weed-wacker.
  • I started dinner. All kids ate like teenagers from all of the hard work. Big Bro said I guess we are good gardeners. And I have a green thumb!
  • I cleaned up and the kids played. Afterwards we sat and relaxed and started to watch a DVD about baby animals. Twin Crazy squealed. I made air-popped popcorn and the kids went nuts. They love that thing. Then it was time for bed.
  • Big Bro did not want Cocoa in my room any longer. He asked if she could be kept in the kids rooms. Sharing weeks. One week in the Boy room, one week in the Girl room. Red and Twin Crazy were fine with that idea. I told them that having Cocoa in their room comes with responsibility. Whomever’s room she is in, needs to make sure she has enough food each day and also needs to pick out her poops from the cage. They all agreed to this plan.
  • We brushed teeth and read books in the living room. Someone noticed deer ourside in our backyard (probably puzzled by the new look of the yard and the lack of flowing weeds). All kids went nuts. Twin Crazy was later scared about the deer and Big Bro admited that he was scared a bit too. I reassured them about the doors and the house and the alarm. That seemed to work.
  • Everyone went to sleep immediately. It was a full day.
  • 20120705-224404.jpg








    I am now sitting in bed and feeling great; but also thinking about the list of things that I need to do for the custody evaluation, financial mediation, and also getting my new lawyer up to speed on my case. I really need to get a lot accomplished and its just too difficult to get motivated. I just want to sit in this house and enjoy myself with the kids.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K


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