May 1: Chocolate Tuesday, almost botched

Tuesday. Chocolate Tuesday. But we forgot until Big Bro and REd woke up to remind us….

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:
<li Twins were downstairs acting silling, asking for "Daddy's cereal". Music was on and I was asking Twin Husky if he wanted to dance. He laughed instead. I asked where they want their kisses. He pointed to the top of his head. Twin Crazy said "nossssing (nothing).

  • I went upstairs to check on Big Bro and REd. Big Bro was awake but resting. I sat on his bed and he said that “bagels and just like donughts without the chocolate.” I said, yes, they are similar. We then talked about the ingredients of bagels, donughts, and cake. How each have flour but the amount of sugar used surely changes. And probably the other ingredients too. I suggested we look up the ingredeints used for all three to see how the ingredeiants are similar and different. I was caressing his hair and face during hte conversation and he laughed saying that it iwas making him fall asleep again.
  • Red was up by this time. We were laughing about how I need to help her carry her things downstairs. Her HUGE backpack is ridiculous. And I offered to take down her pile of clothes for the day. Big Bro asked me to come up for him next.
  • I came back up for Big Bro and he wanted to get changed first before coming downstairs. But he tricks me into thinking he’s changed his underwear and socks. I checked the underwear and told him he’s taking a short-cut and sometimes in life taking the short-cut actually winds up taking you more time and effort. I made him change his pants and change his underwear. I’m not sure about the socks. He may have tricked me there. I smelled the socks and they seemed OK but again I’m not sure.
  • Downstairs Red was upset about something. He seat was empty so that was not it. I remembered she was telling me that the twins went into my room to play with my marbles. So maybe she was sulking because I didn’t continue that conversation. So I asked her about the marbles and for her to show me and she lept up and we ran to my room and she showed me the decorative marbles on teh floor. She helped me to pick them up and I thanked her and said that the Twins were ridiculous. 🙂 She was happy again.
  • All kids eating chocolate Tuesday. Twin Husky stealing Twin Crazy’s which did not go over well.
  • We talked about a birthday gathering for Big Bro and Red this weekend – this Saturday…. this is such late notice that I don’t know what kind of crowd we will be able to muster up. I will reach out to parents today.
  • Big Bro was excited about the bike ride.
  • I gave Red all the vitamins for all the kids for her to distribute. I asked her if I could trust her not to eat them all herself. She promised and did a great job.
  • Drop off for twins was good; Twin Crazy was cranky about a lost lovey blanket. Twin Husky was happy.
  • Drop off for Red was great; she asked if she could ride her bike home one day from school. I suggested we do this on a day that I pick her up early or on a weekend – that way she isn’t too hungry/cranky on the way home. She agreed that this was a good idea. They are having a cinqo de Mayo party this Friday. Her birthday is actually on Cinqo de Mayo so now I need to bake cupcakes. What a week!!
  • 20120501-222332.jpg

    I am on the ferry right now and am actually a bit overwhelmed by everything happening in my life right now. Just too much. I have a mortgage that should hopefully be approved today, so therefore funding on my end to happen today. I have 3 different “projects” related to the divorce that I need to stay on top of. I have two birthday parties to get organized for this Saturday. I have one client project that is due next Tuesday (Yikes). And one big conference call meeting that I need to organize for mid-May. Honestly, all are top priority. How can I prioritize top-priority things?

    I make a list and bang it out. I move quickly. I need to know what is to be done and allocate the time for it and get it done and move to the next thing FAST. I need to make sure that I eat a good breakfast on days like this so I will buy something substantial today. Then get in the office and get my head down and stay focused. Start on the smallest thing first and get it out of the way and then keep moving and moving until I’m attacking what NEEDS to be done without question. The birthday note to parents will likely be top of the list – I don’t want to drop the ball on two children this weekend.

    Highlights of My Working Day:
    I was quiet busy…. both professionally and personally. No lunch!

  • The first thing I did today was start to reach out to parents to make some sort of party happen for Big Bro and Red. I’ve nailed down many friends but still have to reach out to others. I hope I can make this day special for them.
  • Conference call related to a forum that we are planning; I am leading efforts. We decided to make it a conference call versus a face to face so we can get broader client participation. I need to re-communicate with participants, continue to sell participation, and also get materials together to make the meeting a success. I spent some time afterward re-crafting go-to-market messaging and also indicating next steps for our internal team.
  • Had another conference call as a follow up from our meeting when I was traveling. I don’t like this potential partner and do not trust him. Internally we are going to invest to get feedback from our clients before we spend too much time investing further in this effort.
  • There was alot of back and forth related to the mortgage.
  • I spent time doing divorce-related things like organizing documents, printing, scanning. This is such an amazing waste of time.
  • I tried to get my act in gear related to the client project, but just couldn’t do it. I’ve mapped out all day tomorrow to work with the team so hopefully I’ll contribute something then.
  • 20120501-222405.jpg

    I’m on the ferry and am really tired. It’s only Tuesday. I feel crushed. My arms hurt from the reams of paper I’ve carried home today. I’m not sure about dinner. But I’m happy about getting the kids.

    Dinner and Bedtime:

  • Pick ups went fine; first Red, then Twins, then Big Bro.
  • Big Bro rode his bike home. I went extra slow and gave him a big lead so he could beat us at the end of the lagoon trail.
  • I called for a pizza delivery for dinner.
  • As I was getting the kids and stuff unpacked, the back yard neighbors suddenly started appearing in the house. Then I turned around and ALL of the backyard neighbor’s kids were at hour place. So I had 8 kids in total. I was making a huge joke out of it saying that the kids are multiplying and growing like weeds…. so funny. The kids were having a ball and cracking up.
  • Pizza guy came and out went the neighbors kids
  • We had some tantrums with Red and Big Bro; I’m not sure if Twin Husky ate anything.
  • Smoothies after dinner; YUM
  • After dinner we did puzzles and counted the ladybugs in our habitat. Big Bro wrote a note for the kids behind us, wanting them to come over for a slumber party. He left the note by their garage with a rock on top so they could get the note in the morning.
  • I had Red and Big Bro tonight for bedtime; Twins were acting crazy.
  • 20120501-222436.jpg







    I am so tired right now I can’t get over it. I feel like the energy is drained right out of me. I feel like my money on my lawyer is the worse use of money ever; I somehow need to pull back;
    – Mama K

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