Staying Sane: Soak it in

I was traveling for work all last week. I missed the kids but was busy with clients all week. I talked to the kids on Monday night and Tuesday night which was fun. I was not able to talk to them the rest of the week due to difficulties with co-parent.

So I was feeling a little lost by the end of the week. This changed during my return.

I walked into the house while Red was crying over something. As soon as she saw me she stopped crying and ran to me smiling. Big Bro gave me a big hug. Twin Crazy was excited. Twin Husky just walked around aimlessly and went over to play with the hose. I had to go to him and ask him where I could kiss him, he pointed to the top of his head, so that’s where I went with a big kiss.

The kids were all playing outside with water and sprinklers – and all with no clothes on. No inhibitions. Just themselves. Nothing to hide behind. Playing and enjoying the water. And laughing. And I was glad to be back with them.

And later that evening, Twin Crazy came to me and sat on my lap and gave me a HUGE hug and would not let go and started singing to me. And I just sat there with her rocking her and not interrupting her song.


Imagine how I felt.

The rest of the weekend felt the same way. Even if the kids were not singing so directly. Smiles. Requests for help. Holding my hand. Wanting me to come on a walk too. And usually I am boisterous and initiating the craziness. But this time I was still wiped out and just wanted to see them in a pure state. They were the leaders and I the follower.

And I felt happy to be back with them again.
Great week to all –
– Mama K

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