March 2: Pajamas and dresses

Hi Mamas! Happy Friday – it was a good day for me – I feel like I got good time in with each of the kids which was good; more meetings relating to the divorce so I’m kind of wiped out – this will be brief –

Highlights of the Morning:

  • Big Bro had “pajama day” at school to celebrate Dr. Seuss; I think the kids had a great time – the Motley Crew was all in their PJs and looked so comfy. I think he had a great time today.
  • I normally have the Twins today but I had a meeting in the afternoon; so I set up daycare for them – however she had a doctor appt. in the AM so I dropped them off at 10 AM so we had some time to play! I decided to keep Red home too during that time. We cleaned up books, drew pictures, played with a lace-up toy set, did stacking puzzles, ate snacks, ran around the house, got tickled, and got dressed.
  • We had a visitor (our neighbor with four kids! Motley Crew) with a bag of clothes (thank you Christine!). It was funny how Twin Husky gravitated toward this purple frilly soft flowy dress. He wanted to wear it so I helped him put it on. It went great with his bug boots that he is now addicted to.
  • Twin Crazy was so cute with Red this morning. I made a big deal out of how they can both wear/share shirts now…. pants won’t work for both of them, but shirts will. So Twin Crazy agreed that she wanted to pick out her own clothes and Red wanted to help her. Red showed her the shirt drawer in her room and then helped Twin Crazy pick out pants in the other room – they even picked out socks together. Then Red proceeded to help Twin Crazy get dressed. It was so sweet. I couldn’t get enough of it – especially how Twin Crazy looked at Red and how Red kept saying “i will help you…”
  • The three of them had a tea party and then I got a call from daycare – I dropped them off, she had a laugh with Twin Husky’s dress, and then I dropped Red off (after fixing her worn down sneaker in the lobby).
  • 20120302-225247.jpg








    Highlights of the Rest of the Day:

  • I had a meeting today that was very difficult — again I’m putting faith into the process but feel the need to come clean with what’s on my mind. Understanding one person is hard enough, let alone an entire family, let alone in only an office environment through discussion. I really feel like there needs to be more input into this recommendation and am offering more sources of information if desired. This is really, really difficult.
  • After the meeting I went to pick up Twin Crazy and Twin Husky. They were both showing me how they were jumping. Twin Husky still had on his boots and dress.
  • I picked up Big Bro next and we made a plan for him to ride from his elementary school over to Red’s daycare. I went over the route with him, and told him I would do the same as yesterday…. follow slowly behind him while he was on the sidewalk. Again our neighborhood is very, very quiet and we take mostly back roads that are not heavily driven. He did great and the look of independence on his face was priceless. The minivan from one of his friends drove by in the opposite direction and they totally saw him. We both commented that it was Ryan’s van and they were totally cheering him on! He loved it.
  • We got to Red’s daycare and were completely surprised with a bake “giveaway” from her class. I love this place! The kids were so cute handing out cupcakes and cookies. Our family kept them busy since we had five mouths and one of them just rode his bike so was hungry.
  • The ride back was nice; Big Bro did great on the bike. He experimented with a new way back home that was less windy.
  • I got laundry going and the kids were interested, as usual.
  • Pizza arrived and Big Bro and Red ate the most I’ve seen in a very long time.
  • Afterwards was movie night – Big Bro and Red sat on my lap in a rocking chair once I was able to actually sit down with everyone.
  • I had the Twins tonight for bedtime routine. Again Big Bro wanted to know why we were doing this. He says we don’t have to do this. I completely agree….
  • Twins went down without a hitch… PJs, teeth, books, song, kisses, night-night. “Sweet dreams. I…… love…… you.”
  • Big Bro and Red refused to stay in their room. Big Bro said he misses me since I didn’t spend bedtime with them tonight. They kept coming downstairs. Daddy left for a massage so I went upstairs with them to spend some time, hug them, and see them drift off to sleep.
  • 20120302-225633.jpg







    I’m tired and thinking about tomorrow. I will have Twin Crazy and Twin Husky in the AM. I’d like to take them somewhere new and different.

    Have a great weekend everyone –
    – Mama K

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