February 17: Getting ready for bigger and better

Friday – a day when I’m usually at home with the kids but instead had to have a meeting related to the divorce.   So, the kids went to daycare; Big Bro did not have school today so he spent the day with Twin Crazy and Twin Husky.

Some Highlights:

  • Following up from Big Bro’s fascination with the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, this morning he asked me to research how big the bullets were that killed them.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  He starts his thinking and it goes further and further and he needs to know.  Google is amazing.
  • Big Bro has been complaining about bottom tooth pain so I called the dentist last night; they returned the call this AM and they had time to slot him in, first thing in the AM.  We went, and low and behold, there were those big fat new adult teeth trying to work their way up through his mouth.  The good news is that we know what the pain is about.  The bad news is that it will take several more months for the new teeth to come through.  The dentist said that these pains come and go, and for now we are doing the right thing giving him ibuprofen and they even suggested soft foods like ice-cream (and mushy vegetables).

  • I dropped off Big Bro to Twin Crazy and Twin Husky’s daycare provider.  He was so good with this.  He obviously didn’t want to go.  But we packed up some Lego sets and books for him for his day there.  I asked the twins if it was OK that Big Bro stay with them.  They said yes.  I asked them if it was OK for them to make sure he was OK and for them to show him around and take care of him and make sure he knew where everything was.  They said OK.  So then I asked them to take care of Big Bro and for them to give him some hugs and they did.   I love how they all take care of each other.  I love how they empathize with each other.

  • I then did some work since I had the time, we had our meeting, and I immediately got the kids afterwards.  I felt emotionally drained and I needed a dose of them to lift my spirits.  It worked.   We ate, we played, they ate ice-cream.

So now we play the waiting game.  Waiting until the teeth come in and in the meantime eating ice-cream to make us feel better.

That’s all I can write for now.

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone.

– Mama K

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