February 16: Spring cleaning

Thursdays – my days with Twin Crazy and Twin Husky. Today I had an extra special day since I had Big Bro straight after his Kindergarten and picked up Red after her nap. I am sitting now in a bed with clean fresh sheets, thinking over the days events, and feeling very relaxed and at this point happy with where I am and the kids.

Some Highlights:

  • All kids were going crazy for vitamins. They are like a pack of wild animals after those vitamins.
  • I strolled with Twin Crazy and Twin Husky as Big Bro rode his bike to school.
  • I enjoyed the stroller ride back. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the kids were in great moods. Very talkative, and acting silly with me looking up and making faces.
  • At home I cleaned up a bit but we had fun eating snacks, listening to audio-books from Pop-Pop and Emmy, running around and getting tickled, sharing my cream of wheat breakfast, playing in the pretend kitchen, eating more yogurt snacks, and coloring.
  • I started to make dinner – I browned some beef cubes and added spices and threw everything in a slow cooker. There. Nothing more to worry about for today.
  • I fed them lunch, and then had to kill some time before going to pick up Big Bro. So I decided to do some Spring cleaning. I vacuumed my room and pulled all the sheets off the bed. I hung up a clip frame to hang up the kids’ art. And then it was time to go.
  • For the stroller ride to school, I pulled back their seats into a recline position and they fell asleep since it was their naptime. I took it easy and went slowly during the walk. I was enjoying the day. Enjoying the sun. Loving the sound of birds and seeing all of the lemons hanging on the trees along the way. It took some time for them to get to sleep. I had to tell them that it was OK to close their eyes. The air was not too cool and not too hot. I breathed in deeply. I listened to the sounds of the stroller as it went over the cracks of the sidewalk. I walked with my eyes closed looking up towards the sun. It felt good on my face. It felt great to be walking – and be walking with my two little ones on my way to get my biggest one.
  • Big Bro was excited to see me so early. It was only 1 PM when I arrived. Everyone was sortof surprised to see me so early. I asked him if he wanted to ride his bike home and he ran like a bat out of hell; outside of the building and down the sidewalk all the way to his bike. He even wanted to ride it past his aftercare building so his friends could see him. He was so happy riding home and I was happy to be sharing it with him.
  • I tried to get the twins to sleep in their cribs when we got back but they just wanted to jump and play. I heard them on the monitor and I let them do their thing. I eventually brought them down and rocked them for a bit to rest. I love that time with them.
  • We went to pick up Red at 3 PM. Twin Crazy and Twin Husky love to go there. They like the attention and we were talking about their birthdays and about them just turning two.
  • At home we played. We colored. We played with stuffed animals. I did more laundry. We snacked. We did puzzles. We stacked blocks. I finished dinner.
  • The kids all ate like teenagers, except for Big Bro who is still complaining about tooth-aches. They asked for small bowls for the beef sauce and dipped their beef cubes in the sauce. Between the 4 of us (no Big Bro – he did not eat a thing) we polished off the entire meal.
  • The kids were happy – in great moods. We cleaned up toys and sat to watch some Spongebob. Big Bro was the only one really watching – the rest were acting giddy and running around and acting silly. They were so ridiculously happy. That’s what full bellies will do I guess.
  • Bedtime was somewhat normal; Twin Husky was ready and climbing into his crib.
  • Big Bro came downstairs and had a lot of questions about Martin Luther King and now also Abe Lincoln. Who killed them? With what guns? Do people still have guns today? I was busy looking up answers to his questions on my phone and he demanded to see pictures of the guns and of the people. He gets his mind on something and you can’t shake him of what he is thinking about – he gets totally absorbed and fixated. And not satisfied until he gets his answers.
  • I was also visited by Red, asking me to read her the “No David” book. We had a good time reading, talking about the pictures and about David’s behavior in the book. She is so sweet. She has fun telling me about the story and talking about what David is doing.
  • 20120216-213944.jpg











    So that was the day. I am sitting here now quite tired but at peace; it was a long day but honestly one that I would not want to trade-in. There were lots of hugs, and talking, and conversations, and sunshine, and good food, and interaction between the kids.

    Gotta go – Red is crying. This is really rough on her. Now they are both laying here with me – Big Bro asleep, and Red looking at my typing, clutching my arm. It’s going to get a lot harder for them before it gets better. I have to be there for them to get through it all.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K

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