February 14: Valentine kisses

Double fun! Chocolate Tuesday AND Valentines Day! Our morning was fun.

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • I left out Valentines Day stickers for each of the kids along their breakfast area.
  • Big Bro woke up early and got all ready – dressed, ate, packed…. to be ready in time for his bike ride to school with the Motley Crew. He gets ready now so quickly and has time leftover to spare.
  • Twin Husky was whining about a lot of things this morning – his balloons, his tigers, his bagel, etc. He started to smile when he was finally given some toast with chocolate Nutella.
  • Twin Crazy was loving her toast and Nutella. So much so that it flipped out of her hands and landed on top of her balloon and stuck there. Everyone was cracking up. It really was a funny sight to see.
  • Vitamins were a hit. All kids excited about the round of vitamins for all siblings now that the twins are two years old.
  • I dressed Twin Crazy in a cute red dress for Valentines day. I asked her if she wanted to get changed into clothes or back in her PJs and she definitely wanted to get dressed – and is doing a lot of it herself.
  • Big Bro was off to ride with the Motley Crew and I dropped of the Twins and then Red. She was clingy, as usual, but was excited about her bag of Valentines.
  • I parked the van in a ridiculous spot at the ferry parking lot. It fills up otherwise and I would have missed the ferry. I inched the mini-van VERY carefully into a “compact” spot. But the funny thing is that there were two other SUV/Mini-vans that did the same exact thing… the picture was just too funny not to take…
  • 20120214-211258.jpg





    While on the ferry, I talked with a neighbor and joked about the parking situation and also the Valentines delivery that Big Bro and I did last night. His kids got the valentines just fine and they were so polite thanking me for their lollipops this morning. I did not think about work too much – but did think about what I needed to do on my walk to the office.

    Highlights of the working day:
    I was really, really busy and a bit under the gun. I feel like I’m working on too many things and am concerned that I’m going to drop the ball on our big meetings in April. I think a little bit of anxiety is good in these kinds of situations. It keeps you moving and it gets you to focus and get things done –

  • I sent out a poll for topics for one of the forums; and drafted the second poll for the second forum.
  • I had a debrief meeting for go-to-market activities for another forum
  • I set up my new project team with deliverables for them to work on this week (e.g., draft interview guide, list of available secondary research, status of analysis to-date); this will help to prepare us for the first client touchpoint meeting next Tuesday
  • I had a meeting with a different client to get up to speed with final stage of the project and expected timing
  • I sent out an invoice for above project
  • I was very busy today – both at work and on personal items. Things are moving fast. I like getting things done and moving closer to the end of the line. There are many target dates coming up in March and April so I’ll be very busy from here on out…

    Dinner and Bedtime:
    I was solo tonight but it was fun, easy, relaxed.

  • I picked up Big Bro first and he had a great time riding his bike from the school yard to the van.
  • Twin pickup was no problem, as was Red’s pick up.
  • At home, the kids were busy looking at and investigating Valentines. They promised not to eat any of the candy until after dinner.
  • I found Twin Crazy on multiple occasions “washing her hands” which really means that she breaks into the bathroom, turns on the water, and plays in the sink. At one point she had the sink completely filled up and there would have been water all over the place if it hadn’t been for that little drain hole in the top of the sink. She was soaked and complaining that she was wet. I let her feel the wetness and be cold for a little while so she could understand the consequences; but then quickly changed her since I feel bad, she’s only two.
  • I cooked the tandoori chicken with yogurt sauce tonight. Dinner was so fast. Clean up was so easy.
  • After dinner kids played, did tea parties, did tattoos, ate some candy, and were really, really, really well behaved. Twin Husky had a hard time when he wanted to put a tattoo on his stuffed animal tiger. He also had a hard time when I saw he was drawing on the wall – but he helped me clean it off so he was sweet too.
  • Bedtime was fine with the kids; Big Bro is having a slumber party on my bedroom floor – Red decided to go back upstairs to her own bed. I hear Big Bro sleeping – he was out in 5 minutes. I think it’s all the bike riding. He’s been great lately.
  • 20120214-211451.jpg




    I’m feeling reasonably good tonight. I feel like things are going at a good pace at work and also at home. I am moving towards closure which has its ups and downs but overall I know that I am moving toward a finish line and feel good about the possibilities for my future – I am hoping to buy a home, settle down, root, and provide more stability for me and the kids. Start to live life and build a life – not the kind of life I dreamed of this time a year ago, but I can be happy with what life brings me in 2012.

    So my Valentine’s Day was filled with kisses and hugs from my kids, and they gave me candy that they collected from school. Not a bad day, all things considering.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K


    1. Your attitude, as always, is amazing. Once all of this transition is over, I’m sure you will feel so much relief. More and more, you’ve had nights and mornings alone with the kids and I can tell from your tone, that it’s fine. You seem more relaxed, comfortable and happier. There’s no stopping you. You know what you want for your family and you WILL acheive it! Much love xoxo

    2. I feel so bad for you Kim, Why doesnt Bill want to work this out???

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