February 13: My son is in the Motley Crew

It was a very busy Monday. Both at home with the kids and at work. I’m tired now and can’t wait to get to sleep.

Hightlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • All the kids woke up playing with helium balloons.
  • Big Bro asked if he could ride with the kids on bikes with our neighbor, and without me. I texted her and she said to send him on over at 8 AM. Big Bro was thrilled and jumped out of bed and got dressed. He was honestly ready to go – backpack ready, helmet on, good breakfast – by 7:40 AM. And was just waiting around to go. When I set him off he was so excited. He is growing up before my eyes. So many changes so quickly.
  • All the kids were excited about vitamins. Now that the Twins are 2, we are giving them children’s vitamins. It was a right of passage with Red, so I kept up the routine and these kids are so proud that they are now eating vitamins too. Twin Crazy kept talking about it in the AM and also at night.
  • I dropped off Red and she was happy, but clingy.
  • 20120213-213606.jpg





    Highlights of My Working Day:

  • I got in and sent out meeting minutes for two planning meetings.
  • I also made some changes to a Kick off meeting presentation for a client project we are starting today. I had a meeting with the client and our team from 3 – 5 PM today. It went really well. They like us and I think the project will go well.
  • I spent some time staffing the project, and also getting one of the Consultants started on several pieces of work to get the project going.
  • I led an office touch-point meeting that we do on Mondays. Everyone is very busy.
  • I reviewed the go-to-market materials for the meeting we will have in April and will likely start that outreach tomorrow.
  • Dinner and Bedtime:

  • I picked the kids up later than usual since I had a meeting until 5 PM. So by the time I had everyone home it was 6:15. Dinner was at 6:45 and kids were tired/hungry.
  • After dinner we worked on a Valentines card project – essentially putting lollipops through little cards that the kids signed over the weekend. It was cute. The Twins were confused and really just wanted to steal/eat the lollipops.
  • Then off to bed. But first I stole Big Bro and we both delivered valentines that the kids did for the neighbors behind our house – the “Motley Crew” kids that Big Bro rides to school with. I had so much fun with Big Bro doing this. It was my idea to sneak out of the house, just him and me. And run to the neighbor’s house in our socks and leave the bag of valentines cards just outside of their house. It was Big Bro’s idea to leave the bag by the garage door, where they all leave in the AM — they don’t use the front door since they have their bikes…. so then we decided to find some rocks to hold the bag down so it wouldn’t blow away. As we were running back and forth I said “this is fun” and Big Bro said “Yeah, this is fun”. I loved it. I loved stealing him for 2 minutes and stealing this time with him.
  • I reminded Big Bro again that he is officially part of the “Motley Crew” and gave him a fist pump. He is happy. I told him how proud of him I am as he walked up the stairs for bed.
  • Twin Crazy and Twin Husky were counting to 10 during bedtime books.
  • Bedtime with the older ones was rough tonight. They were both crying for me. I hate being downstairs while they are upstairs. I found out last week that Red has been sleeping with her dad in the middle of the night so I caved in and let them both come down to me. So right now they are both snoring next to me. I might relocate to the couch.
  • I sent an email message to Big Bro’s teacher – he is stuttering recently and I don’t know if it’s something that he’s just picked up from the kids at school or if there really is a problem that we should be worried about. I might be over-reacting, and he might be doing this for attention, but it still concerns me especially since things are so strange at home.
  • 20120213-213735.jpg




    I made the mistake of checking work email – one email was great; the client kickoff meeting went REALLY well and they are super engaged with working with us. Now I just need to make sure we deliver! But then I saw another email. I completely F%*&^5ed up an outreach that I did for a potential speaker and did not use proper protocol, but by mistake. I sent out an apology tonight and will follow up tomorrow when I arrive in the morning and am fresh. Ugggh. I’m ready for bed.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K

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