February 3: Scooters and Sailing

Friday. My day with Twin Husky and Twin Crazy. My day in the morning with Big Bro, with his scooter. My day where I can pick up Big Bro early, and also Red – or just keep her home altogether. I love these days. It makes a difference for me. And for the kids too. Some highlights:

  • Twin Husky loves jumping in the air while I change him. He was really lifting off with his legs and was cracking up as I was lifting him up, and up, and up, and up….
  • Twin Crazy is still trying to use the potty. She tries hard, and we encourage her. The look on her face is so sweet.
  • I strolled the Twins and Big Bro scootered to school. We were running late so we missed the Motley Crew. Big Bro was excited about that – he likes going to school with us alone. I noticed a confidence in him this morning. The way he coasted, the way he maneuvered side to side, the way he wore his backpack while scootering. He is growing up. He is pushing himself. Finding himself. And I am glad to be able to watch it all and take it in.
  • Twin Crazy and Twin Husky were cute today. They both for some reason were more needy today than usual. I took them and rocked with them, until they were ready to get down. I had to do this several times today, particularly with Twin Husky. He was also having trouble with his tigers. He’s in a stage now where he’s putting things in bags – and he tries to shove these tigers and also some baby dolls in a bag and they just don’t fit. It drives him mad.
  • I decided to pick up Red and Big Bro and go sailing. We all packed up our snacks and our things and headed to the ferry. We took a cruise to nowhere. Just got on the boat, stayed on the boat, and then headed back. The guys on the ferry know our family. We also got lots of attention from commuters. I always get compliments about the kids when we are out. Of course I always get the “you got your hands full” but I always get the comments about how good the kids are. And how good they are with each other. We had a great trip and we talked about the boats, the birds, the bridge, where the pilot sits, what would happen if the boat would sink, the city, the commuters….on and on.





I am feeling crushed and scared. My life and the lives of my kids could be decided by strangers. It is impossible for them to see into our worlds and what I am able to do with all four of these kids together. I take them out and get comments that I make it seem easy. I feel at peace with them. I feel proud of them. I feel strong with them. And I know that I do right by them. And all I can do at this point is keep it together, fight hard, and hope for the best.

Have a great weekend everyone –
– Mama K


  1. muchtodoaboutnothing says:

    I hope your weekend is good and restful. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

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