February 2: Sand, balance beams, and first words

Thursday. My day off with the children. I’ve been busy so far, and the day is only 1/2 over….

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • Red got changed into her new Dora outfit and was so excited. She then helped Twin Crazy get dressed. Big Bro was excited to wear his new T-shirt. He was also excited that it is my home day. He wanted to scooter into school today.
  • We all get ready really quickly. All kids ate and got dressed without a problem. Shoes on, socks on, no issues! I loaded Twin Crazy and Twin Husky into the stroller, and Big Bro got himself suited up for his scooter ride. I gave Red a big kiss goodbye and told her I would pick her up early.
  • We met up with the Motley Crew on the way to school. The Twins were so cute in their stroller. They sit there quietly sucking their thumbs, looking around, and looking at all the dogs. Big Bro did great on the scooter. There were no falls this time so I think his confidence is back.
  • After drop off, I took Twin Crazy and Twin Husky to a playground. Along the way we talked about trees, roots, saw dogs, and cars. At they playground they climbed up HUGE structures, pushed some swings, and played with sand. They are good with wiping their hands and not throwing sand. We talked about how to try not to get sand in your eyes. We had snacks. We had a great time but then it was time to go back since Twin Crazy had a water spill on her pants and got cold.
  • When we got home I gave them baths. They love the bath. Twin Crazy was cute scrubbing Twin Husky’s back. And Twin Husky was cute shampooing Twin Crazy’s hair.
  • We then did some laundry together since we had sand everywhere. They love to help. We talked about the water, the soap, and how the machine spins around to clean their clothes. It was so cute how they both sat together listening and learning. And how Twin Husky was holding on to his sister. I couldn’t get over the cuteness.
  • Snacktime! Grapes.
  • We then did some art activities. Stickers. Twin Crazy is really good at getting the stickers off by herself. Twin Husky needs some help. I tried to teach him how to bend the sticker on its edge so he could use his fingertip to get the sticker off. He kindof got it but not really. Then they added some coloring/markers on top of their sticker project. Twin Crazy was making funny faces at me.
  • Lunchtime!
  • A few minutes of playtime while I folded laundry. Then we read books and they took a nap. I cleaned up a bit and ate some lunch – leftovers – the story of my life.
  • 20120202-140722.jpg









    Now I’m typing this up in Big Bro and Red’s room, right next door to them. I need to have them up by 2:45 PM so I can pick up the others – I signed them up for a gymnastics class today and am curious as to how that will go.

    I’m having a fun day. We did so much already. And I feel like I can get things done around the house while they play; they kind of hover around me. If I’m folding laundry we’re still talking with each other as they are playing next to me. If I need to go somewhere else in the house I have these two little ones following me around. They really like to help and they are THIRSTY for looking and seeing everything I do. And Twin Crazy is adamant about doing things herself. And they are even cuter when they smell good and are freshly bathed. There’s nothing like holding a clean kid.

    The funny thing though about these days is that I still have my mind on work. I think it’s because I know that we won that client project and that my time is going to be stretched thin. My phone also gets personal as well as work emails. So it “bings” and I’m checking email throughout the day. But I need to. I can’t be “off the grid”. I need to be available in case something urgent comes up. I need to make this arrangement a success for me as well as my company. So I never really let go of the reigns of work.

    I’m also obviously thinking about the divorce. And the process. And the money involved. And how I wish we were just going through mediation without having the courts and lawyers involved. But I didn’t start it this way – so am forced to follow. The uncertainty is unsettling. This is my life but so much will be dictated to me. I just want what is best for my kids. If I can trust this process to trust that things will be decided that is in their best interest, then I can live with that.

    After Naps:

  • Off we went! We picked up Big Bro first, and then Red. They were excited about going to the gymnastics class. They were a little bit reserved at first, but then they had a blast balancing, jumping, flipping…. at first I even had Twin Crazy and Twin Husky with me as Big Bro and Red were warming up. They loved running around and walking on the low balance beam.
  • 20120202-212712.jpg




  • We then went home and had some quiet time. I set Twin Crazy and Twin Husky up with some paper and markers. And Big Bro did his homework with me. HE READ ME A STORY!!!! THE FIRST ONE EVER!!! I AM SO PROUD!!!! I then read two other stories to him from the same book. I am still stunned.
  • 20120202-212959.jpg

  • The kids then played as I made home-made pizza. They were a bit grumpy towards the end so thankfully the food was ready and they all ate really well.
  • There was some more playing, then clean up, then bedtime. Twin Crazy and Twin Husky were counting. Big Bro read the entire book to me and Red – all 3 stories. Red had a hard time going to sleep and needed to hug me and rock with me and hold my hand.
  • It was an amazing day. I feel like all the kids are growing and developing so fast – they are changing it seems daily. I then feel like 3 are moving forward but one (Red) is regressing a bit. I think she understands more than what she lets on. I worry about her.

    It was such a great day with great moments with each of the kids. I am still shocked that Big Bro is a “reader”. He is so excited and proud of himself too. I want that feeling to last for him for a long time.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K


    1. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I just want to say how impressed I am with how you devote time to your career and children and having a life of your own. I can barely sit down to write with one child and a full-time job!

      And I know every divorce is different, but coming from a home that divorced when I was 13, I must say from a child’s perspective your sensitivity to how your child is coping is admirable. If there was ever a time to get absorbed in your own personal affairs, it would be now, but your awareness of how your daughter is handling this is amazing. My mother had a difficult time with the split, and definitely had her period of needing to care for herself. But she soon recovered and even during that time held my hand as best she could. And to this day I am proud of how she came through it and feel grateful for how she helped me to accept my changing family. As hard as that time was for me and everyone involved, I think a lot of how my mom handled it helped me to still have good memories – it is not a dark time in my life. From what you are saying, I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about with any of your children. They are immensely loved and cared for and if I am any indication I think those feelings will color their memories of this trying time.

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