January 26: A child’s creativity

Today was a home day for me. No work. I had the Twins. I picked up the older kids early. We had fun – but it was a rough morning for Big Bro.

Highlights of the Morning:

  • I got ready early and again ran upstairs to see if Twin Crazy would go to the potty. Again, I got there too late, her diaper was full, and no pee came out. But she tried. And me, Red, and Twin Husky were together (with them sitting on my lap) with her to support her efforts.
  • Red said to me this morning: “Mommy, look at ME….” She was already dressed in her clothes for the day, that we got out the night before. She was so proud of herself and I could have kicked myself for not noticing sooner.
  • Red helped Twin Crazy pick out underwear to wear over her diaper. Too cute. They love being sisters already.
  • I got the twins dressed since we were going out today. I took them to the Discovery Museum.
  • Twin Husky was having fun saying “I see you” as he was looking through and hiding behind Big Bro’s sandwich container. Too cute. I find comfort in knowing that the quietest of the crew still will go out of his way to act silly and do things to make me laugh.
  • I think the rest of the morning was uneventful, I think. I don’t remember. It is now the end of the day….
  • Big Bro went with his dad for drop off and threw a fit. He wanted me to drop him off. And he was jealous that the twins were staying home with me all day. He was so pissed. He was screaming, and apparently unbuckled his seatbelt and almost opened up the door on the way to school as his dad was driving. I feel so bad. Why can’t I just be there for everybody??? I want to, really I do. It kills me that I cannot.
  • Twin Crazy, Twin Husky and I dropped off Red. She was a bit clingy, but overall did well.
  • 20120126-211247.jpg



    Highlights of the Rest of the Day:

  • The twins and I left for the Discovery Museum immediately after Red’s drop off. They were ready for it. They love that place. It’s a long drive for us now, but on the way we talked about the birds on the electrical lines, various choo-choo trains, crackers, boats, stuffed animal tigers, and shoes. They refused to nap on the way.
  • Twin Crazy did something really funny today. She said to me “eat your nose” and I didn’t understand her but I did understand “nose” so I went in to kiss it, and that’s when she bit me on my nose ever so gently. Then started cracking up. So I “ate her nose” too and we continued to do that throughout the day. I’m not sure if she picked that up from her daycare provider or if that’s just something that she invented on her own, but it is really too cute./li>
  • While at the Discovery Museum, they painted, cut with scissors, built art with magnetic shapes, jumped on water-bed lilli-pads, played with stuffed animals, built with foam blocks, played with hula hoops, and banged on xylophones. They had a VERY full day – lots of creativity and I took too many pictures.
  • Home for naps, then snack. Then I picked up Big Bro and Red.
  • The five of us played with a play-dough kitchen set from my mom. This play lasted for at least 2 hours and was good entertainment regardless of kids’ ages. I love play-dough for that reason. They were so cute, all cooking and making food together. I loved it. I loved interactivng with them and pretending to eat their food.
  • We had a great dinner and played, read books afterwards. I taught Big Bro about Silly Puddy and also about wrestling, how you have to pin the other person’s shoulder down for the count of 3 to win. He’s good. He’s strong. He’s only 5 1/2. I’m envisioning a wrestling scholarship. Do they have those?
  • 20120126-211559.jpg










    So now I’m in bed, thinking about the day, and thinking about how the kids need mommy time. I was just in a position to give them more of me and now a big part of me might be taken away from them. I feel bad for that. I can’t think about that now – so much is out of my hands. All I can do now is love them and hug them and laugh with them and console them and go to them when they need me.

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K


    1. muchtodoaboutnothing says:

      Kim, I sure hope Bill does not force the issue about your working full time ….crazy and those kids need you!!! What the hell does he thing!

      • His priorities are backwards and he just doesn’t “get it” on so many fronts. I can’t believe he’s suing me for alimony and spousal support based upon an income I no longer have. He does not think of the implications and how that is detrimental to his own flesh and blood. He can try to spite me but the little ones will be the ones that get impacted. He doesn’t seem to get it.

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