January 20: Christmas again

I had the day off with my mom, brother , and kids. It is late now and we finished up setting gifts near a decorative Santa for tomorrow am. We are celebrating christmas with them tomorrow morning and the kids agreed to pretend that santa is arriving tonight – so we will wake up to presents tomorrow It should be fun.

Today? Had a blast with the kids. My mom and brother are surprised at how well the four of them can play together. They have their moments of fighting but then the next minute they are caring for each other.

  • we saw a rabbit
  • kids ran around the house
  • each kid opened up one gift and then they did so great all playing with each others gifts. It is so sweet to see them all together
  • 20120120-234145.jpg










    I’m going to call it a night. I am physically and mentally drained. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    – Mama K

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