January 13: The house is too quiet….

Hello all – (a bit late)

Today was a strange day for me and I’m also writing this at 1 AM – so, I will be brief. I essentially had about 1 hour with my kids today, and they are gone for the entire weekend. I will not see them until Monday night – and on that night, I will see them late, after my Monday appointment. So it will be a long time until we are re-united again. I miss them already.


  • Twin Husky and Twin Crazy were down first eating oatmeal. Somehow we got to talking about pretending to be taking a nap and that’s when all the cuteness started. I think it was Twin Husky who was pretending to be asleep on the bar stool and then Twin Crazy started to pat his back. Then they switched. I was making such a fuss about the cuteness that Twin Crazy continued to pat Twin Husky as they were both sitting up. I made a big deal about how they love each other and that yes of course Twin Crazy loves Twin Husky and Twin Husky loves Twin Crazy and that they are brother and sister. She just kept on patting him. It was so cute.
  • 20120114-011507.jpg



  • I dropped off Big Bro and we had a problem since we forgot his new backpack.
  • I dropped off Red and she had ANOTHER problem getting ready this morning – I carried her into school with no socks and shoes. So we put them on in the lobby and she was fine – all smiles. She reminded me to push in my chair as I walked away – I thought that was the cutest thing.
  • I spent the rest of the day in appointments and then this evening with a friend. I came home to an empty house with toys on the floor – like salt in the wounds. I’m hoping I get a chance to sleep late tomorrow – maybe go for a massage with a friend later in the day???!?!

    Have a great weekend everybody – wish me luck and send cyber hugs since I will be solo for a weekend for the first time.

    – Mama K


    1. Agh woman not women. Autocorrect will be the end if me!

    2. Sending you xoxoxo. You are an amazing women. To new beginnings.

      • Thank you so much for reaching out. It really means a lot. I am scared for decisions of others that will be made and thrust upon my life but am actually looking forward to getting this behind me – and focusing on my children who will need my help now more than ever. Thank you again for listening and for the vote of confidence!

    3. You can do this! Just focus on the positive of having some downtime to yourself without feeling guilty about it.Get a massage, have a Guinness (or 2 or 3) and plan something fun for the kids when they get home. Maybe make a cool fort for them. Thinking of you xoxoxo

      • Thank you Natalie! I spent time with Anand this weekend and his wife Julie. I’ve received notes and calls from friends all over the place. And even from people I would not have expected (from some of his family friends).

        I did not feel guilty at all. I missed them, but know they are coming back to me. This is not the worst thing to happen in my life. I will move on. And my kids — along with my friends — make me stronger.

        Thanks for being so consistent in my life now despite a 20 year hiatus!!! You are wonderful! I mean it!!!!

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