January 12: Release

OK ladies – this post is going to be extremely short because I have a ton of work to do tonight. Personal stuff. Forensic stuff. But I had a good day with the kids too. I will be brief but share lots of pictures….


  • I was going to scooter with Big Bro and have Twin Crazy and Twin Husky in the stroller, but Big Bro was too constipated. The poor kid was suffering. I tried to get him off saying the scooter would help, but he was scared to poop his pants. I knew the kid was suffering. So I called into his school, said he would be late, gave him apple juice, massaged his lower back Gave him privacy and quite time, and told him to take is time. RELEASE!!!!!!!!!! Man – I won’t go any further but good God it was a doosey. He got an “excused late slip” that said “bathroom” as the reason. They said it happens all the time.
  • 20120112-220416.jpg

  • I took Twin Crazy and Twin Husky back home to wait for their daycare provider to come back from her appointment. They thought they were going to go for a nap but I said – NO!! It’s PLAYTIME! So the kids went nuts playing with animals, running around, acting silly. They pretended to go “night night” and also had fun being creative with holiday gel stick up squishy things.
  • 20120112-220537.jpg









  • I headed to the office so I could go to a farewell lunch, and also use the time to forensic work on a personal front. I held a colleague’s new baby and LOVED IT.
  • 20120112-220941.jpg



  • I picked up Big Bro but before we went to pick up Red, he wanted to talk to me about something so I sat with him to give him his one-on-one mommy time. I don’t even remember what we talked about but I’m glad that I had the time alone with him, even if it was for just a minute.
  • 20120112-221241.jpg

  • I played a lot with the kids tonight. Rough-housed with Red and Big Bro. After dinner the kids played with my new fuzzy rug and we rough-housed some more. They loved it and I did too. We read books about feelings/emotions (Roger Hargreaves) and then we rolled around some more.
  • 20120112-221426.jpg




  • I read books to Twin Husky and Twin Crazy; and then read The Tale of Peter Rabbit to Big Bro and Red. Their weight on my body was wonderful. They were so relaxed and ready for bed.
  • I had a great day today; despite using my day off for personal blech kind of stuff. It really is a shame. So much time and money will be wasted. I can’t believe what I’m going to have to go through and really it is such a waste. Money that could have gone to our kids is going to lawyers.

    OK gotta get myself organized.

    Til tomorrow,
    – Mama K

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