January 11: out and about

It is a beautiful day outside and I had a good time with the kids this morning. I decided to go into the office today to focus on personal things after my 1/2 day working.

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • Red, Twin Husky, and Twin Crazy were sitting at the breakfast bar eating their cereal. They were excited to talk about their “Os” (Cheerios), milk, and spoons. I kissed each of their heads. One child wanted more milk, so then the rest did too. So I got a new milk from our garage (we have an extra fridge in there for overflow) and came out and topped them all up with milk. All seemed happy.
  • I went upstairs to check on Big Bro. I was worried about him. Last night he was sick and cranky. And at the end of the night it looked like he had pink-eye. So I put eye-drops in his eye in hopes that it would clear up this morning. When I saw him this morning, HE LOOKED GREAT (except for his nose). I asked if I could look at his eyeball and he laughed at that. It was clear. And he said that it didn’t hurt anymore. YEAH!!!!
  • Big Bro proceeded to show me little cut-outs of pictures of Lego sets that I guess he wants. He numbered the backs of the pictures to show the order in which he wants them. He is VERY meticulous – sometimes so much it worries me. I see a lot of me in him – the need to make lists, the need to have thoughts on paper.
  • Twin Husky needed me so I held him and hugged him while making bagels for the kids. Big Bro normally gets a bagel and recently both Twin Crazy and Twin Husky have been asking for bagels too. They were excited. They both kept saying over and over, “Bagel. Cream cheese.”. Cute.
  • Twin Crazy was busy cleaning up. She was looking around for trash, old tissues (and some new tissues) and other random small things and running back and forth to the trash.
  • Big Bro got changed without a problem. He was exited to use his new lunchbox today (it arrived last night – thanks Amazon!)
  • Red, as usual, had a problem getting changed this morning — despite my washing and drying her FAVORITE butterfly shirt, and despite 12 pairs of her favorite socks arriving last night. I just don’t know why its always such an issue with her. I hugged her first, that seemed to help. (And then Twin Crazy said she wanted a hug so she came over for a mommy-time hug). Eventually I got there with her. Once the rest left and I was alone with her, she was fine. She was my helper, and we were talking and laughing together.
  • My drop-off with Red went great; she was happy to be wearing her favorite butterfly shirt (and one of her friends had a shirt with lots of butterflies so they were talking about that) – and also to show off her new Dora lunchbox. She gave me a huge hug and was clingy to my legs a bit, but then she sat on her teacher’s lap to read a book with her friends and she seemed great – all smiles.
  • So I had a great morning with the kids. I feel like I miss Twin Crazy though a bit. I’m glad I had some time to hug her hard this morning. It’s hard to feel like I’m giving the amount of time that I need for each of these kids. Especially on mornings where I go to the office. It’s usual for me to feel a bit dis-connected to at least one of them but I try to make up for it in the evenings.

    So, now I’m on the ferry, headed to the office. I will need to follow up on some outstanding invoices from our clients. And I also need to start thinking/planning for the upcoming meetings in April. I get excited about thinking forward, and planning ahead, versus the boring clean up for things that have passed. So I think I’ll have fun at work today. I am going to devote some of this day to personal items as well. I’m working 1/2 day today and need to focus some time on some issues in my life right now.

    Highlights of My Working Day:

    this will be brief because I left ,y keyboard at work!!!

  • started to organize planning meetings for our spring forums
  • got an analyst to convert our word proposal to PowerPoint for our presentation to our prospective clients next week
  • started to set up another planning meeting for a different initiative
  • spent time on personal stuff during the 1/2 day off.
  • drank fruity V-8 Splash in a plastic champagne cup, for fun.
  • Work was good, but picking up Red and/or Big Bro early would have been better.

    Dinner and bedtime:

  • we went to a school event with all kids at big Bro’s school. We took all kids. There was pizza and an art/craft activity. Kids did well. Twin crazy was acting silly the whole time. I spent a lot of time with her. Big bro was being meticulous with his project and whining. Twin husky was intense with the project. It makes me feel guilty because I’m fairly sure our day care provider does not do this kind of stuff with him. Red was quiet during her project and serious.
  • bedtime. Was quick. I got both twins dressed and read to them. Actually, twin crazy read one of her picture books to me. I need to do more of this with them.
  • Ok I’ll sign off now since this touchpad thing isn’t fun to work with. I had a good day. The kids were great out in public, as usual. I felt like I got a good amount of time with the girls, and felt good about my time with the boys.

    I’ve got my new heating blanket cranked up and also my new fuzzy rug all set up. My new room is almost complete!

    Til tomorrow,
    -Mama K











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