December 23: Getting ready for Santa

Friday – and again, I kept all four kids at home with me.  I loved it.  You should have seen the looks that people gave to me as I was shuffling around with four little kids.  I even got some claps.   I love it.  My kids.  We had fun today and everyone was so well behaved.

  • Woke up, ate breakfast, Hubby went to work, I got them dressed and ready
  • We made a list of things were were going to do today.   Big Bro in particular responds extremely well to lists – in fact, he often is the one to suggest that we write out a list.   If he wants something immediately but he cannot have it, putting things down on a list actually stops a temper tantrum from starting.  I think he gains comfort in knowing that his wish is documented and he knows that we will accomplish what we have on our list at some point during the day.
  • We go to Kohl’s to buy some gifts, including some for daycare and preschool teachers.  The kids pick out a candle scent.  I pick out   gift cards.   The four of them are having a great time with Big Bro pushing Twin Husky and Red pushing Twin Crazy.  I am getting stopped and people are staring at the scene.
  • We head to lunch.  On the way, Twin Husky is a bit tired and distracted.  He is breaking the rule of “all kids must grab a hand” and is wandering getting rocks.  A kind stranger comes up and asks if I need help; I thank her but send her on her way, stating that I really need to get skilled at doing these kind of things on my own, these kids need to learn to stick together and hold a hand, and I also don’t like the idea of it being OK for them to just go to strangers.   As I cross the street Twin Husky does a face plant and is face down in the street in the parking lot.  Twin Crazy starts to lose it.  I pick both of them up (25 pounds each), one on each hip, while holding out two fingers of my left hand for Big Bro and Red each to hold onto.   People were staring at me calling me “supermom”.     I guess they don’t see that too often… they only see families on TV with their teams of nannies.  Lunch is uneventful, thankfully.
  • We act like Santa and give out our gifts.  Our daycare provider and pre-school teacheers seem very appreciative.
  • Big Bro keeps crossing things off of our list
  • After naps we pick up Pop-Pop and Emmy from the airport.  They all laugh and giggle – they love their visits.   Lots of hugs, tickles, and giggles.   We laugh and play and then head out to dinner and ice-cream.
  • Once we return I tell stories about Santa, about when I was a kid and the Christmas morninngs I had with his presents.  This turned into requests for me to tell other kinds of stories about Santa and I instantly got hit with all kinds of questions:
How does Santa steer his sleigh if he doesn’t have a steering wheel?  How does he stop the sleigh?  How does he know there are kids in the houses?   Does he come into our rooms?  [I don’t WANT him to come into our room because I will be scared].   How do reindeers fly?   Is it magic?  Is it the food they eat? [We will need to go to the store and buy some carrots with the green stuff on top – not those little baby carrots.]”
So now I’m sitting here recounting the day and really hoping I don’t forget the sweetness of it.  The innocence.  The wonder.  The conversation.   I am thankful for this channel to help me capture this special moment in time…
Merry Christmas everyone!
Til next week –
– Mama K


  1. Wanted to wish you the very best! Hope you are enjoying the holidays and the kids and everything in between.

  2. Merry,Merry Xmas! Love your blogs!!xoxo

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