December 22: All Four at Home

Thursday, a day off with my flex-work arrangment.  I usually have only the Twins but I decided to keep Big Bro and Red home with me too.  Big Bro confessed that he was looking forward to going bowling with his “camp” class – but he didn’t tell me until the end of the day as I was putting him to sleep.  He seemed happy the entire day so hopefully he was not thinking about bowling too much.

  • I made a pancake, fruit, and yogurt breakfast
  • Got the kids dressed; headed out to the Discovery Museum.  Kids played with magnets, foam blocks, a pretend ship, and choo-choo trains.  It’s amazing how there are tons of kids, but they tend to stick together.  One or two times Twin Husky got “misplaced” (wonderer) and the three others were so cute going to look for him.   As we were leaving, the wonderer, Twin Husky, was busy exploring and I told him we were leaving and started to walk on.  Big Bro got anxious and ran back to grab his hand.  So sweet.
  • We headed out to lunch.   I received so many compliments on how well-behaved the kids are and how cute they all are together

I cooked while the kids played.  I made a chicken.  Big Bro was also pretending to cook with all of the pots and pans out.  We arranged the choo-choo train around the tree, as it should be set up.  The kids were cutting magazines with scissors.  Twin Crazy went upstairs and grabbed a pair of my flashy high-high-heels are brought them downstairs and walked around in them.   Red painted her nails with kid nail-polish and then did Twin Crazy’s and even Twin Husky’s.


It was a great day.   I feel really good.  A bit melencholy and dissapointed though.  Wishing that I pushed this arrangement sooner.   But I’ll be thankful for what I have now, knowing that I am lucky to be able to do have the best of both worlds.

Til Tomorrow –

– Mama K

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