Staying Sane: Removing stains a womanly way

On Friday, I was flying from the West Coast to Florida to attend my father’s 65th (surprise) birthday party. As far as the party, yes, he was surprised at the party itself, and the fact that both me and my brother flew there to celebrate it with him (my brother is from the Northeast).

Friday’s flight was good for several reasons. I was able to relax, by myself, with no graham cracker dust on me or at my feet, with no other little people for me to entertain and keep well fed. No strollers to check. No bags to check. It was me, my handbag, and my carry-on bag. So sweet.

Another good thing was that my ink pen exploded. You would normally think that this would be a drag, but because of this ill-fated explosion, I was able to meet someone on the flight and actually learn an amazing trick that I am hoping some of you have never heard of……

So, thanks to Mama N from US Airways who taught me this trick about stain removal.

  • Club soda, seltzer water is the key ingredient. [I know you are thinking, I KNOW this already. What is so great about this secret???!?!??]
  • The trick to clean stain removal is POURING the club soda/ seltzer water (above) into a SANITARY NAPKIN.
  • scrub away, and reapply club soda/seltzer water as needed until the stain is removed
  • 20111218-165623.jpg

    Now, are you thinking, “gross!!”? If I know this audience at all, you are working mothers. So no. You are not thinking “gross”. Why a sanitary napkin? If you were to use a regular napkin, paper towel, or rag, it would be likely that the napkin/towel/rag would leave pieces of itself behind as you were scrubbing. With a sanitary napkin however, the sanitary napkin absorbs the club soda/seltzer but the outside of the napkin is smooth and does not fall apart. Therefore, you can scrub to your heart’s content and feel comfortable that the article you are cleaning will not have a messy white mess on it after cleaning.


    Thank you Mama N from US Airways and somewhere above the mid-west at the time I learned this!!!! As a flight attendant and a mother herself, she has assured me that this little tip/trick has saved her on many occasions, as well as her kids and her passengers.

    Hopefully we’ll be learning more tips and tricks from her in the future!

    Have a great week everybody!!
    – Mama K


    1. WOW that is such a simple idea and so very very brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

      • I know. I couldn’t believe it when she showed me. THe pad keeps the moisture in so you don’t have club soda dripping everywhere and it holds up and does not break apart. The ink just came off my hands, no problem. I hope I hear back from her with other secrets. I will post them – she was a great source of info!!!!

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