December 15: Creating memories with the kids

Today was a great, great day. It couldn’t have gone better. I was at home with the Twins and not working. Our day was filled with school activities for both Big Bro and Red, so we ran around today spending time with the older kids. I loved the time today with them.

The Twins and I had a great time today walking Big Bro to school, talking about basketball nets, kicking soccer balls inside our living room, eating snacks, counting to 10, tickling and giggling, chasing and squealing, and getting excited about our outings to the schools. Here are some highlights:

  • We walked Big Bro to school in the drizzly rain. Big Bro was on his scooter and we met up with the “Motley Crew” on our way – but they had umbrellas. It was so cute…
  • Twin Crazy wants to do everything by herself now. Walking down the stairs, putting on her shoes, buckling her stroller seat and top buckle on her car seat, and now wiping her nose. She is very independent and gets very upset if you try to help her without asking if you can, first.
  • We went back to Big Bro’s school shortly afterwards where they were decorating ginger bread houses… essentially graham cracker houses with candies all over it. The twins loved looking at all the colors and candy. Big Bro seemed excited to see us there. He was proud of his house. He looked like he was having fun and I’m glad we were able to experience this with him.
  • The twins were doing a lot of playing by themselves, talking, laughing, giggling. Playing by the play kitchen area, walking in circles around our play choo-choo train tracks while singing, etc. I have so many movies they are so cute. They also spent time taking wipes and wiping me off and cleaning me up. So cute.
  • I had a moment with Twin Crazy and danced with her softly in the kitchen for awhile. She was getting tired.
  • After naps, we went to see Red at her school for her performance. We arrived for a party beforehand and we provided the fruit. She was ready for her songs. She knew the words and she was wearing her string of pearls when she was a flower girl. She did so GREAT!!! She was up there singing the words…. not really doing the arm motions that they taught them, but at least she was up there, didn’t cry or run off stage, and she sang her words and I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The twins were great and very well behaved, as usual.
  • The kids played in Red’s classroom afterwards – with big rubber animals and dinosaurs. And also helped to put all of the toys back where they belonged before we left.
  • At home, I was getting pizza toppings ready as all of the kids were “cooking” their own dinner.
  • We did a little bit of playing but then we whisked them upstairs — Big Bro has his performance tomorrow and I want to make sure he is well rested for it.
  • 20111215-223338.jpg











    It was a great day since not only did I have the opportunity to spend quality time with Twin Crazy and Twin Husky, but as a Trio we adventured off to see Big Bro (and he was thrilled) and also adventured off to see Red in a performance! It was seriously too good to be true.

    The night did not turn out that great for other reasons, but that is a story for another time – or maybe even a separate blog??!??!?! 🙂

    Til tomorrow –
    – Mama K

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