December 2: A post after my work Holiday party

OK. This may be a strange post. It;s 12 am after my holiday party. I want to wrap up the week;s posts and talk about my day. I am not sober. Foirgive me for any mis-spellings. It was a great day.

  • I walked big bro to school and had the Twins with me. Big Bo was so cute making sure that his scooter was locked up with his bike lock. I love his independence and also his maturity. He looked at me with a smile when he locked the bike lock successfully.
  • 20111203-000123.jpg

  • I spent a good portion of the day straightening up the house and also going through clothes. With four kids, this is always a project. I had the twins with me and they were playing the whole time as I was going through their closet. Twin Husky was being a funny guy and decided to pretend to go “night-night” on one of the shelves with his stuffed animals. So cute.
  • 20111203-000303.jpg

  • Not to be gross, but I caught another “twin moment” today. I was going to the bathroom and had to switch rolls of toilet paper, and this is what the twins started doing… putting their faces on either end and talking to each other and laughing through the tube:
  • 20111203-000427.jpg

  • We then finished unpacking our Holiday decorations, which included all of these fuzzy singing things; they all needed batteries so that was our project. Finding the right tool to undo the screws on the toys and then also replacing the batteries. The Twins were mesmerized. I also took out the holiday carousel and they were talking about the horsies and trying to feed them chedder cheese goldfish crackers.
  • 20111203-000715.jpg


  • We had lunch together. I love this picture of Twin Crazy:
  • 20111203-000825.jpg

  • After naps we picked up Big Bro and Red. I bribed them for a picture all lined up in return for animal crackers. It worked.
  • 20111203-001348.jpg

  • We went shopping for hubby’s birthday. It was really cute all of us going through the parking lot together, going through the store together… they were a bit rambuncious so it was a bit difficult but all in all we did well together and they picked out their gifts for their dad.
  • 20111203-001054.jpg

  • We then went food shopping for cereal. They were so cute. I got stares. They all listen so well. At check out they started to play with candy but I told them that “candy” is not on our list so they would need to put everything back where they found it. Everyone listened. Even Twin Husky. I think the line of people behind me were amazed.
  • 20111203-001254.jpg

    We then got home and played around a bit. I got them dinner and then got ready to leave for my holiday party. I missed them but enjoyed my time away. And yes, I did show pictures of them to my colleagues from my iPhone. Many that I shared with you tonight. I hope I’m not too overwhelming with my attachment to my kids. But what can you do. I am who I am.

    I had a great night and will take some Advil now to prepare for tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend all –
    – Mama K


    1. Linda J. Costanzo says:

      Soooo ceuuute. I feel like I am there with you sharing them! Those little faces!!! Love from your mama xo xo xo!

    2. Love the pics! Keep them coming!

      • Will do! I love the pix too – going through my posts I’m already seeing the development of these kids and this will be quite a scrap-book for them (me) as years go by

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