November 7: Back together again!

Back at work after a great weekend with Big Bro, Red, and my father. We woke up to the kids laughing and reuniting with one another, since the Twins came home late last night.

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • We woke up to children’s  laughter. Big Bro kissing Twin Husky as Twin Husky rolling around on the floor. Giggles. Red running around laughing. Twin Crazy a bit sick so a bit cranky.
  • Everyone was hungry – Twins are now actively asking for what they want with their words, which is making things much easier.
  • Red gives Twin Crazy her new water bottle and Twin Crazy downs half of the water. Red gets upset but I quickly wash the bottle and get her new, fresh water to stem a tantrum from happening.
  • Twins are getting oatmeal all over themselves.
  • Big Bro and Red are busy eating.
  • I help 3 of the 4 to get dressed.
  • We are early so all leave together – 3 drop offs (Red, Twins, Big Bro) and then me an Hubby to the Ferry.

Today at work I will be starting a new project, forming a plan for a new proposal, and also tying up loose ends from the meetings we recently had.

Highlights of My Working Day:

  • Today was a day about business development. We had an internal meeting to plan our response to a Request for Proposal, I had a phone conversation with a potential client as a result of our meetings from last month, and I scheduled a phone conversation to discuss our proposal with another potential client as a result of our meetings last week. My goal out of this new role was not only to generate value for our company and the members for these meetings, but also to walk away with potential consulting projects. My goal was three proposals. Now we’re at 2. I have one more to go to reach my personal goal!
  • I also started to organize my thinking around a project we are starting this week – I had the lead contact so I’m feeling responsible for this one.
  • I also started to prepare for some meetings that I will have on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve learned through my career to NEVER come to a meeting unprepared. Even having the documents quickly skimmed and some initial questions/reactions is better than nothing. In our company, people remember the meetings where someone does not add anything — then why were they there???!? Not only should you participate, but have your thoughts organized. Contributions should be concise and to the point, otherwise you’re wasting everyone’s time. This gets noticed too.

I’m now on the commute home – taking the ferry is not as fun when it is cold and gray. And it is cold and gray today. I have some “flat meat” that I bought over the weekend so dinner will be easy.

Monday’s are always a bit rough for us as a family – and I think tonight will be worse since it will be darker earlier. I envision breakdowns earlier than normal, so am ready to start the bedtime routine earlier if we need to tonight.

Dinner and Bedtime:

  • I picked up all kids quickly since it was cold and the sun was going down FAST!
  • Dinner took about 10 minutes from start to finish. Flat meat (pork), frozen string-beans zapped in the microwave, and cous-cous. Everyone was at the table eating within 15 minutes!
  • There was lots of fun tonight. I think all the kids were thrilled to be together again. Big Bro acting like a monster under a blanket crawling after his siblings, Red/Twins were doing “downward dog” positions as I cracked up, Twin Crazy didn’t mind me “bulbing” snot out of her nose (she kept laughing), kids were playing with balls all over the place (and then we made a game about working together to clean them up), and even puzzles.

  • There were only a few accidents. Red hit her head on an open drawer. Twin Husky took a swing at a bat and hit Red in the head by accident. Kids were tripping over Big Bro as he was pretending to be a monster under the blanket. And the Twins kept trying to do puzzles but really they were just running around with puzzle pieces getting everyone else anxious.
  • Twins had fun brushing their teeth and reading books. They gave each other kisses and went to bed quickly, saying “Nite nite” over and over again. Too cute.
  • Bedtime routine was terribly long for Big Bro and Red. A lot of time was devoted to “homework” which we probably should move up earlier in the evening.

It was a fine Monday; I’m feeling pretty relaxed and enjoying my iPad and iPhone. It makes blogging and adding pictures much more fun and efficient.

Till tomorrow –
– Mama K


  1. Today I am focused on your work day. I can see that your job most certainly carries a degree of stress with it but so many of your posts have left me in awe of your work day. The challenging projects that you take on and your successes seem to give you a high that (as a stay at home mom) I don’t get to experience. My highs come in the shape of successful parenting and my children’s accomplishments. Such joys are not to be dismissed but when considering the challenge of balancing work and family, I can’t help but to acknowledge the imbalance in my own world when I am only living part of the equation. This builds such a good case for “the grass is always greener” but it is also a reminder that we are multidimensional and our needs are not likely going to be met by one source. Just a thought for the day.

    As for the time change, I have learned to enjoy the extended dark hours. Our day seems to wind down earlier, which I like. The darker hours give some sort of mental nudge to my kids to calm earlier and retire. The cooler air promotes cuddling under blankets and just an overall inclination to hibernate. I love these months that are all about sleeping and eating. Then the cold dark days of January and February help give me a greater appreciation for the warming fresh air and sunshine that will come in Spring. Pollyanna signing off

    • I had to respond to this comment too — you are absolutely right about the highs that I get at work. It feels good to feel valued and to move something forward or create something new in a work environment. I thrive on that. I thrive on people interaction. I am outgoing and I enjoy the collaboration, connection with people, understanding what they want/need, figuring out how to make my clients successful.

      I have realized early that being a full time SAHM is not what would make me happy. I knew that I am super type-A and I probably wouldn’t like the type of SAHM that I would have become. So this, I think, is the perfect solution but it’s too soon to tell. I need to make this work for the company too. So that is my focus now. Not dropping any balls at work!!!!

  2. Kim your job kills me,sounds so stressful. when are you starting to work more at home? Love hearing your stories about your day. I just wish we lived closer so I could help you! Is your dad staying for awhile? Take care I will be praying for you that God gives you supernatural insight and strength ! xoxo to all of you!!

    • I went to a 50% work week recently and so far it is working beautifully; I just need to recalibrate expectations of myself at work and make sure that I use my time efficiently so that the company continues to see value in having me here.

      I am already happier because of this; thanks so much for reading and sending me your thoughts- it means alot!!!

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