Staying Sane: Ice-cream in the Rain

What I enjoy most these days are those special moments when time almost stands still and your brain starts to actually think like a child’s.

This happened over the weekend.    After lots of activities in the morning (buying new pajamas, hitting baseballs, kicking soccer balls), both Big Bro and Red had VERY long naps – this likely had to do with the cold weather and the pouring rain.  After they both got up we all decided to go out for dinner.   I wanted to start a tradition.   On weekends if it is raining and if the kids are good I want to take them out for ice-cream.

We gathered our rain gear, headed out for dinner (kids still in pajamas), and then braved the weather with inside-out umbrellas on the way to get ice-cream.

Thinking like a child.  Getting excited for the big treat.   The adventure in the rain.  Holding the umbrella.   Not realizing that it will go inside-out from the wind and getting a big surprise when it does.   Walking through the rivers of rain.   Feeling the chill in the air and not caring.   Getting picked up to see the ice-cream flavors.    Looking at all of the colors… wondering which one to pick.   Sitting next to Pop-Pop on a Saturday night with the ice-cream shop filled with people.   Knowing it is silly wearing pajamas outside of the house.  Wearing a cat raincoat and loving it.   Not minding sticky hands or a sticky face.     Being 3.  Being 5.    Reaching up to hold a hand as we cross the street – wind blowing the cold rain.   Home.   Sweetness.   Cuddles on the couch.  Kisses goodbye and sleep.

This was one of the glimpses of childhood that I had the joy of experiencing over the weekend.   A memory I will likely replay to balance future days when I need to.


  1. Love this post about starting traditions with the kids – these are the things that they will remember so fondly! (side note: this post gave me a chuckle, thinking about this how this particular tradition might get a bit old in, say, Seattle)

    Mama K, I would love to see a post/forum where people could post about the traditions that they have started with their kids/families. Some of my favorites that we do as a family are ideas that I stole from other people. Example: one of our holiday traditions now is an advent calendar where each day in December has a little envelope and inside the envelope is an activity to do that day. I think we’ve done it for 2 years now and it has been a huge success. I’d love to learn about other traditions that people have started, big and small. The chocolate Tuesdays that you guys do is another one I really like.

    • Thank you Mama J!!!!

      And also a big thank you for a great idea for a topic for “Staying Sane”. I have a bunch of them that we like doing. Some are traditions, whereas others are cute little sayings that me and my kids do for me to get my point across. I think that would be a separate topic.

      Very timely too! I’ll start working on that and will likely submit something on Sunday night and ask for people’s input/discussion. THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT IDEA

  2. Mama K

    I thorughly enjoyed the weekend with the kids and I’m so happy that you had a flashback to a happy childhood. It warmed my heart that you had that memory and that i could be a part of it. I had a great time for the short visit but sometime those are the best. Love you and the kids,

    • We loved having you here. This was an easy one for me to write. It was alot of fun – and I WILL be doing this on rainy weekend days if the kids are good!

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