Recipes: Tacos with Leftovers

This is another submission from Mama N from Austin TX — thank you Mama N!   This is a twist of an old favorite and very efficient with what you have leftover in your refrigerator – plus I can see the appeal with kids – anything “build your own” is a hit in our house.

Note from Mama N:  “Another one that we use quite a bit is taco night — but it is completely dependent on what you have left over — then you just use that plus 1 pound of ground beef cooked with a BUNCH of chile powder and a can of wolf brand chili (beans or no beans). We use taco night to get rid of whatever veggie or other thing we have in the fridge ;). Or, if doing from scratch we put a bunch of iceberg lettuce tomatoes mixed with vinegrette and shredded cheese on top. Of course, good salsa always helps too!”


  • leftover ingredients in your fridge
  • ground beef (1 pound)
  • chili powder
  • can of chili
  • salsa
  • lettuce, tomatoes, cheese (if no leftovers from fridge)
  • taco shells


  • cook meat and warm leftovers, add chili and seasonings
  • warm shells
  • prepare / cut / shred other ingredients (as required)

Prep time:   5 – 10 minutes (includes search time)

Cook time:  10- 15 min

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