Random Thought: Vacationing with Children

I just returned from vacation with Hubby and a subset of my kids. This got me to thinking about vacations in general and the extent to which families choose to vacation alone and/or with their kids. Before Hubby and I got married and before the children arrived, we were avid travelers. We both share a drive to recapture and foster the same sense of adventure with ALL of our children in tow. We’ve already done camping trips as a family of six, day trips to the beach, slumber parties, and next month we will all be going to Florida. When we had only two kids, I made multiple trips to the East Coast solo with the kids and we also traveled to Mexico, Seattle, more trips to Florida. I honestly cannot wait for the day when Hubby and I are trailblazing with our backpacks and we have our gaggle of little explorers right behind us carrying their “gear” in their backpacks and writing in their travel journals. I feel like we have so much to look forward to, together.

Which leads me to thinking about how your family approaches vacations –

I think me and Hubby are more on the adventurous side but the Twins have slowed us down a bit, at least for the time being… I’m looking forward to reviewing your responses….


  1. My kids love to travel now but it’s still a lot of work. I remember the days of boarding a plane with 4 kids under 5, 4 carry ons and 3 car/booster seats in tow. The look on the other passengers face was pure terror. Like they were pleading “Don’t sit near me!”. My kids always did well but we only go to family type places for now. We’re debating skipping camp next year and heading to Europe for a few weeks. Problem is that with 4 kids , you always need 2 rooms. So its almost twice the cost of most vacations!

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