Staying Sane: Getting Away

As some of you may know, I was away on vacation for most of last week – and just returned tonight.    What a way to recharge and feel fresh – pulling yourself out of your day-to-day routine. Different place, different bed, different food, different activities – unfamiliar language, customs, and completely different ways of living. Whether alone, with your partner, or with your kids, the experience can vary but is still refreshing nonetheless.

The gems of my most recent trip included:

  • Swimming in the Caribbean and loving the feeling of warm smooth water while looking down and clearly seeing my feet
  • Many island rum drinks; even starting before lunch
  • Meeting new special people and welcoming them into my life
  • Hearing my kids laugh and seeing them play with a new friend – even though they didn’t speak the same language
  • Late afternoon thunderstorms
  • All you can eat and drink food buffets
  • Beautiful people and gracious hospitality particularly with children
  • My kids laughing and finding EVERYTHING enjoyable
My beauty and the beach

My beauty and the beach

  • Taking afternoon naps with my kid(s)
  • The crabs and turtle that my kids always tried to spot
  • Building sandcastles


  • Feeling the warm sand on my feet
  • Seeing my daughter jump into the pool and look of surprise and pride on her face
  • Hubby encouraging my kids to have dessert and ice cream EVERY night
  • Giving gifts for BIG milestones
  • Just hanging and laughing with my family – my mom, dad, step-mom and brother — and seeing how they play with my kids
  • Seeing Hubby enjoy himself with my family madness and always smiling
  • Seeing my dad wasted before lunch and forcing him to eat pasta and rice to soak it up
  • Chasing the kids along the beach
  • Holding Hubby’s hand and laughing at the silly things that the kids said or did
  • Listening to the kids laugh and giggle as the were going to sleep, sharing a bed for the first time
  • Not looking at the clock except to make sure we weren’t missing a meal
  • Holding the kids on both sides of me as they slept on the plane
  • Playing fooseball
  • Warm air – even at night
  • Walking along the beach with Big Bro at night
  • Big Bro falling out of the bed and him laughing about it – and then all of us laughing about it
  • The little gecko that would appear on our back porch each morning

I’m finding that these vacations are lifesavers for me these days. And it helps to know when the next trip, the next adventure, will occur. Next month in Florida we will have a family wedding and then extra time on the beach. I can’t wait. That trip will be extra special since it will be our first big excursion with the Twins and as a family of six.

So remove yourself from YOUR day-to-day reality. Whether a short weekend in Vegas or a trek in the Himalayas or a cruise to nowhere or long weekend in the snow – make it happen and revel in those moments.

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