August 1: Foul moods and olives on fingers

Mondays. I just don’t enjoy them. Especially when it is dark and cold. I feel like half a person leaving my kids behind, but I’m also to be honest quite wiped out from the weekend with all four of them. There’s just no easy way – but the transitions are tough.

This weekend we tried a WONDERFUL thing for the first time. A drop-off play date. Big Bro was invited to play at a friend’s house and I packed him up, took him to his friends house, AND THEN DROVE AWAY. He was shy at first, but opened up to the idea after 5 minutes. He had a great time and I did not have to deal with him fighting a nap or fighting with his sister. I’m looking forward to more of these. I guess 5 is a good age.

Highlights of the Morning and Commute:

  • Red woke up at 5 AM with a fever. She climbed into our bed and even her little hands were hot. she is so sweet. She didn’t complain at all – she just indicated that she was scared.
  • Twin Husky was taking a yogurt bath. For some reason he likes to feel his hair when his hands are covered in the stuff. We just gave him a bath yesterday so now that feels like wasted time. Twin Crazy is much better with her spoon in general.
  • Red got changed by herself in a little string halter top and shorts. Meanwhile is it dark and grey outside and probably in the 60’s.
  • Twin Husky received a “standup” diaper change for the first time. He was excited and I made a big deal out of him being a big boy. Twin Crazy on the other hand was acting too silly. She kept diving her little body into my lap, and then kept sweeping her head backwards so I could give her a kiss on the neck. It was literally impossible for me to do a standup diaper change with her today.
  • In the garage, Twin Husky found the toy ride “jeep” that Big Bro and Red usually use/drive along on our walks. I guess he’s big enough that he wants to drive the thing too. It was really very cute. I can’t believe we don’t have any babies around anymore.
  • Hubby bought a new board to keep at the foot of the stairs over the weekend – I’m wondering how long it will take the two twins to figure out how to pull it down and gain their freedom of the staircase again.
  • I grab the bag of shirts that I assembled the night before; and also the bag of hand-me-down clothes that I am bringing to a co-worker today.

It was a calm morning. Red wanted all of us to drop Big Bro first so that Hubby could see the inside of the pre-school and look at the goldfish. I think she will love it there. I think we’ll have her start there in September. Imagine this…. but by then we will have THREE drop offs (kindergarten, pre-school, and daycare). Can this life get any more complicated that it already is????

I’m not thinking about work now. I’m not that excited about going in. I’ll probably work on some business development and also the white paper that no longer excites me. Maybe I’ll buy myself some breakfast as a way to ease into the week.

Highlights of my Working Day:

  • I did not feel very productive today – am feeling a bit down.
  • Worked on some of the white paper, including visuals, listening-in on a conversation with an “interviewee” for the primary research, and also providing guidance to the analyst
  • I organized a business development conference call with a potential client for tomorrow
  • I started to work on some go-to-market materials for a firm initiative.

All in all my work today did not feel very exciting or motivating. I’m not sure if it’s my mood, that it is a Monday, that I miss my kids, or that it is the work itself.

Dinner and Bedtime:

  • Pick ups went great; lots of squeals from Twin Crazy and laughs; I love picking them up
  • Big Bro helped with dinner.  We were doing quesadillas (see Recipe) and I had him grating cheese.    I also had all sorts of things out for the kids to pick from.   Big Bro got upset however when he couldn’t actually COOK his by himself, and rejected the one I prepared for him.   He is so stubborn.
Big Bro rejecting his quesadilla dinner

Big Bro rejects his dinner

  • Rest of kids ate well; everyone enjoyed olives – particularly Twin Husky and Red
Olives on fingertips

Olives on fingertips

  • Big Bro sulked a bit then ate some.
  • We had grapes for dessert and Big Bro threw a stem at me so I took his grapes away.  I think the poor kid was over-tired tonight.
  • Twins, Red and I went for our walk to get the mail.
  • Bedtime routine was done in record speed.   All kids were brushed, PJed, peed, and read-to in about 15 minutes.
I’m going to take it easy the rest of the night; hopefully go to bed early and catch up on sleep.  I need to be in a better mood tomorrow – I dragged ass most of the day.
Till tomorrow –
– Mama K

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