Meet other Mamas In Motion!!!

I first began this project thinking that the focus of Mama in Motion would be about the balancing act of managing work and motherhood.   However in talking to many of you there are many different flavors of this…. stay at home moms who are trying to stay “connected” through volunteer work or other activities, stay at home moms who are about to re-enter the workforce (either after 1 year or 15 years!!), etc.   So really ANY mother doing a balancing act is a Mama In Motion.

I’d like to hear from you and introduce yourself to the community.    This may not be the best page structure to do this, but let’s see how it goes.    I can rebuild something better if we need to.   For now, please click on the “Leave a Comment” box above to tell us:

  • who you are (your real name or even “MamaX”)
  • how many kids you have
  • your situation… the type of balancing act you face as a Mama In Motion
  • any other pertinent information you think the group could benefit from


– Mama K


  1. Hi,

    Just found you through WordPress dashboard. Like you, I am a management consultant with one of the big fours. I have a sweet angel who is one and a traveling consultant husband. This means I am a single mom during the week when hubby travels. I don’t have any family in town so I stopped traveling when my daughter was born.

    So glad to find this blog. As I get the hang of motherhood I struggle to find peers who understand what I am going through. I joined a mom’s group while on maternity leave but had to leave once I returned to work. Most of the activities are geared towards stay-at-home moms and do not cater to those of us who work during the day.

    I blog as a creative outlet and an expression of many things I enjoy in life: family, creativity, food.

  2. Hi, I’m Terry. I’m the mom of 8 kids and own a nursing foot care business in Toronto, Canada. Busy? Yeah!! Talk about a balancing act……but worth every minute. So glad I found you. I’m so new to blogging that I’m not sure which of my blogs my reply will link to…..either McDermott Footcare, my professional blog, or 8Kids and a Business, my new personal blog about trying to keep it all together. Hopefully I can share 8 Kids and a Business with all the other moms trying to make it work, have some laughs, support each other.
    Drop by and say hello.

  3. Hi. I’m Maureen and just found this Mamas In Motion – I am in LOVE with this site. I have one 4 year old daughter who is the love of my life. I am in the process of going through a divorce and it’s made me a happier, stronger person. I feel completely guilty though about the possible (future) effects this may have on her.

    I hope to meet other moms that are in the same situation as I am – a full-time working mom who is learning to become a single mom – finding friends who don’t think divorce is contagious 😉

    • Hi Maureen – welcome! This was really meant as a Working Mothers site but somehow my life has taken this twist and turn and here we are. How far along are you in the divorce process? This is new for me, but 2011 was a REALLY rough year for me emotionally. I already feel stronger. But the process sucks. And my kids don’t know yet so I know it will get worse.

      Anyway, thank you for introducing yourself and I hope that you are still finding this site useful/amusing. I also keep a Facebook page that is a bit more outrageous. Please spread the word to other working mothers. I would love to create a bigger audience. Also send feedback on the types of things you’d like to hear/share. Thanks for finding me!

  4. thetravelingmother says:

    Hi there–I am The Traveling Mother and have really enjoyed looking through your blog! I work full time, travel for work almost weekly, try to maintain a home/marriage and have 2 small kiddies–8 and 5 yrs old. If I have learned anything from these blogs is that we are all just trying to do our best and that we all have “pearls of wisdom” to share with our fellow moms! I am always open to new strategies that will help me be better organized, spend more time with my children, and get the “have to get done” stuff completed while still leaving time for the “wouldn’t it be great to have time for that” kind of stuff! Thanks for running such an awesome blog–I am new to this, but it is wonderful to have all these great mentors out there!

  5. Good morning ~ I’m the SuperMomtrepreneur / the career/entrepreneur/late-in-life/ mom who is afraid to sit still for fear my mind will wander too much. I live in a suburb outside of Sacramento, California and a a 40-year old mom to a 15 year old mellow rugby-football-baseball teen and a spitfire blonde three year old girlie who is payback for all the drama I put my mom through. My husband and I have been a couple since 1990 – married since 1995. I work full time for the State of California as an analyst, have two “side” businesses, run a Facebook page for womenpreneurs and typically am asleep on the sofa, exhausted, before 8:30 p.m. each evening. I’m trying to come to some sort of peace with myself after a crazy three years that almost did me in emotionally, financially and spiritually.

    • Mama J – thanks so much for sharing your story. In many ways I can relate to you – I’ve also had a very rough last couple of years. But you sound like a bundle of energy!!! I love how you feel like you can’t sit still. I am the same way. Between work and family, and a Mama In Motion blog, I feel like I drain all of myself every day.

      One comment though — late in life? 40? Are you kidding? I like to think that life is just beginning for many of us?!??! 🙂

      Thanks again for sharing your (exhausting) story. Your kids sound wonderful. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better. Please reach out and send any feedback – I’m going to be trying some new things/posts and would love feedback;
      Mama K

  6. Greetings…

    I’m Jenifer, a single mom in her mid 30’s in a full time MBA program at a top 20 University. Certainly not Columbia, but it’s in my home town and my family is a huge help to me. My 2 boys are almost 10 and 7. Yes, I’m crazy. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I’m almost done and have surprised myself on multiple occasions. I’ve given up on keeping my house clean and have hired a housekeeper with my student loan money to help – a worthwhile investment for sure! As I write this introduction, yes it’s Christmas morning, my kids are with their dad today and this is the first Christmas I have woken up without them. Again, I’m so thankful to have family close by as I crashed with them last night so I didn’t have to wake up alone. I was a stay-at-home mom for nearly 8 years before going back to school and am a little nervous to enter the workforce again, although a full-time job has to be less hours and less of my life consumed than a full time MBA – I hope. I guess I shall soon see. I hope to gain insight from you and maybe share a little of my own along the way.

    • Mama J –
      Wow. You are amazing. I cannot even imagine attempting to do what you do — you are someone I look up to. Woah. Unbelievable! Good luck with your studies – all I can say is network, network, network — the MBA is more about the people and the connections you forge than the actual coursework. Meet as many people as you can, and after you graduate DO NOT HESITATE to lean on your alumni network. I have done so on many occasions in the past and believe me, the alums come through for each other.

      Having said that, I wish I would have seen your post earlier. It sounds like this is a recent separation? Or have the kids traditionally been with you on Christmas while separated? In any case, what you describe sounds so painful to me; I hope you got through it OK. I myself have been going through very personal issues and have suffered grief during most of 2011. Saying goodbye is so hard – but I guess these life challenges make us tougher and stronger and hopefully happier in the end??!?!??!

      Please know that you are not alone in feeling alone; what you are doing for yourself is wonderful. How you will re-enter the workforce as a successful strong individual – with a great MBA behind you and a wealth of life experiences.

      I am so glad you found me and so happy that you have shared your story. You are very unique yet know that there are others who are likely to relate to what you’re going through.

      Mama K

      • Thanks for the encouragement! I try to network as much as I can. I am somewhat limited because I come home to kids while they go out to dinner and drink together. But I get out with them too – on “daddy weekends.” As I said, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but for that – I’m thankful. Because once you are in it, you’re IN IT, and that’s when you surprise yourself! Hopefully you will look back at this phase in your life someday and say “wow, how did I do it?” and “I’m so thankful to be where I am at now.” I look back at my first year and say that already. lol. The days sometimes, feel like emotional roller coaster rides – all attributable to the food I ate or the amount of sleep I got – usually both. But I realize that every “down” time puts me up on a plateau for longer and longer periods and somehow this year, when I’m in the down times, I know it will be different in very short order and that makes those down days bearable.

        Keep up the good work with those children of yours! Post Christmas letdown is never fun – but it will be different soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow?

  7. My name is Melissa but I sometimes go by Merrylandgirl (my personal blog name) or eema2emma. (Eema is Hebrew for “mom” and EMMA is my three kids’ first initials and our last initial.)
    I have 3 kids…two boys ages 6 and 3 1/2 and a girl, 9 months.
    I work full-time and manage a book review blog (Chick Lit Central:, which is also like a job but I get paid in books. 🙂 I spend time with the kids between work and bedtime. We observe Shabbat and that gives us a lot of quality time together on weekends.

    • Mama M!
      Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your story – you have to love these full time Mamas who also blog!!! What are we thinking??!?!?!??!

      You probably could give me a lot of good feedback on this blog because of your experience – would love to hear from you.

      Thanks again for introducing yourself and sharing your story!
      Mama K

  8. I’m Mamaste……always looking for the balance, I see the divine spirit in Moms (play on Namaste). I’m a full time Nurse Practitioner in Oncology, and the mother of 5 and 4 year old girls, and 9 months pregnant with a boy. I work 4 very long days per week, and literally flip flop between caregiving at home, and at work. My husband works from home in the arts, and is the constant for our kids, and we make a great team…but I make the money and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. I am a firm believer that getting monthly massages makes me a better person, and refuels my ability to be tuned in to others. We have a calendar in my kitchen sticker coated so the kids know what to expect each day, “is it a home day or a work day?”, they really seem to be thriving with just knowing what to expect. I live in a smaller town, and struggle to be in touch with the day to day at the kids school, but always feel a bit out of the loop. Volunteering when I can has helped. I am looking foward to my maternity leave to be home with everyone, but know myself enough to know that I will equally look foward to returning to my work, a role I truly am fufilled by almost as equally as my role of motherhood.

    • Welcome Mamste!!! I love your nickname. Thank you for finding me and also for introducing yourself!!! You sound like me – probably over-extending yourself; I am working hard on connecting with others since I’ve neglected that part of myself for so long. Your experiences should definitely add to the group; thanks for your perspectives here, and I’m looking forward to your thoughts and feedback going forward. Good luck to you for a smooth remainder of your pregnancy and a safe delivery!!

  9. Hi there!

    I just found this site and I’m loving it…and the celtic symbol rocks, considering getting a tattoo!!

    Anyway, I’m a mom of three, ages 6, 2.5, and 3mo. I used to be a single mom, got married about three years ago, and am doing pretty good in that department 😉

    I used to work in product development and was laid off when due with my 2.5yo. […] I’m obsessed with being “there” for my kids, but also spreading knowledge about health and medicine. I’m also about to take over my daughter’s school’s newsletter, and also helping with the site. And I’m on the board for a youth rights organization…another thing I’m driven to promote.

    • Hi! Thanks for introducing yourself! I actually DID get this tattoo back in April. From there the idea of Mama In Motion blog was borne….. get one! I dare you!!!! Let’s create a MOVEMENT of branded mamas!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Hello Mama in Motion! I am CC Fowler and and there is most certainly never a dull moment in my life. I am a wife, mother to two children ages 7 and almost 5, marketing manager, blogger, Girl Scout leader, Moms Club Chairman- to name just a few of my jobs. I tend to bite off a little more than I can chew, but in the end, I find a way to get it all done. I blog to feel more like me circa BC (before children). I blog to share my insights on motherhood. I blog to leave a record for my future shelf. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do have opinions and ideas that, until now, have only been shared with my amazing and supportive family and friends who make my life full and happy.

    • Thank you for visiting!!! I love your blog. I can relate to so much of what you say – but you say it much better! Your site is beautiful. I love the imagery of the tree. And I believe every word of what you wrote about it. Thanks for introducing yourself – I’m originally from the east coast and am ACHING to get back somehow. Maybe someday….

      • Mama K, I am so humbled by your compliment! I feel the same way about your blog and to connect this way is just so refreshing and inspiring. This section of you blog is brilliant. Such a simple idea, yet so profound. I look forward to your posts and know we have a lunch date next time you are on the east coast!

      • Let’s do it! My mom is Philly and my brother is in hoboken; I try to come back at least 3x a year. Would love to meet you. Maybe over big fat coffees (I also love them) or better yet over beers??????!??!??!?; 🙂

  11. Kat Taylor says:


    My name is Kat, and if I had to have a momma nickname, it would probably be Messy Mama. I work, mom and partner full-time (my boyfriend and I are unmarried). I was never the organized type to begin with, and now that I have an almost one-year old and a more than full-time job, I am even less so. My main struggle is balance – how to run a home, how to parent a toddler – and all while being a “yes” type of employee. I am fairly young – 25 – and still proving myself in the workplace so I can be where I want in five years. It’s not easy to be the first one in and the last one out when you have a baby waiting at home, but I strive to do it all.

    I’d love to share tips and stories – I struggle as a young, working mom to find peers who understand what I am going through. I have tried joining mothering groups but most seem to be geared towards stay-at-home moms and do not cater to those of us who have obligations during the day.

    And, as an added note, while I still may be getting the hang of motherhood and working and “wife”ing, I have a newfound appreciation for mothers in general, and I believe that for every mother there is a different mothering style. I try never to be the mother who judges another for how or why they do things but instead find examples that I find could work in my own life and efforts.

    And yay for this website!

    • Hi Messy Mama – I love your introduction. Thank you for coming to visit here and also introduce yourself. What I’m finding is that there are so many different “flavors” of Mama In Motion — and yes I agree with you that most of the support I see on the web is geared towards parenting in general (which still is great) but there is not much there for the working mother. We each have our own challenges and unique situations but I am trying to first build a community of Working Moms (or SAHM who are about to enter the workforce) and get a momentum going. I have ideas for tools and services to make our lives easier but I need to build an audience first. Thank you for visiting here, and thank you for commenting — can you also let others that you know that this site exists and help to spread the word? Thanks so much –
      – Mama K

  12. Mama Serenity says:

    Hi, I’m Mama Serenity (at least that’s what I’m striving for). I’ve got 2 kids — a 7 year old girl and 19 mos old son. I’m a full-time worker, full-time mother and full-time wife. I love my family, but long for the days when I was a free spirit writing poetry and my only worry was which party would I be going to that night. Those were the good ole’ days.

    But, I digress…my current situation is trying to decide if I should take a new job and ultimately change careers. My current job is fairly demanding, but also flexible. I’ve been at my current job for 11 years and have managed to build my credibility. In other words, people know I can get the job done and so I don’t feel the pressure to constantly have to prove myself. No one looks at me strange if I have to leave early to pick up the kids or go to doctors appointments, recitals, etc. On the flip side, my commute is one hour each way; I have heavy work travel in the spring and again in the fall; and I’m just not sure if I want to do my job anymore.

    This new job opportunity could be an interesting change for me; however, I’m struggling with what to do. I’d be going into an unknown working environment and would have to prove myself all over again…plus, I’m just not sure how the new job would be when I have to leave the office to deal with the kids issues that tend to disrupt working days. Plus, I have no real idea if I will be dealing with the same stress I deal with now at work (because working at any job is a stress!) or would it be even more stressful.

    Bottom line…I’m at a crossroads. How do I balance my career and my family? Should I risk the unknown or stay with the same old routine?

    • Mama Serenity –
      I love your name. I feel a little more at peace just typing it. So thank you! You are indeed at a crossroads. Sometimes the biggest fears are the unknowns but I really understand and “get” the comfortable, known spot where you are. Inertia is the path of least resistance and I understand how this can be such a hard decision for you. I’m sure you will be able to make a logical decision weighing the pros and cons — but it sounds like you are ready for a change. I personally believe that change and transformation is a good thing — but a scary thing too, especially now since children are involved. However, think back on your life over the big changes you have made…. do you have any regrets over them? I would love to hear more stories about Moms at a cross roads — moms taking a risk and making a path to chanage where it makes sense to do so — if it makes you better, your kids better, etc. jump right in and enjoy the ride. People grow through change and transformation — worse case scenario is that it turns out not to be what you think it is; maybe evaluate it against another option besides status-quo. I would love to hear to taking the plunge – and growing from the experience. You are marketable and if it’s not this opportunity, there are likely dozens right behind it. I’m proud of you and know you will make the right decision for your kids, your hubby, and most importantly for YOU.

  13. Natalie says:

    I’m Natalie or at least that’s how I used to be referred to before my kids arrived. I am a stay at home mom to 4- 2 girls and 2 boys. They are my life and I’m not afraid to admit it. I had 4 kids in 5 years and was pregnant and/ or nursing for 8 1/2 years straight. Yep, I have a rockin’ bikini bod as you can imagine. When I had a paying job, I was Regional Marketing Manager (with an art history degree, of course). I had to be the best. Seriously, I had to be. Now that I’m a mom, well you guessed it, I TRY to do my best. I have held positions on 3 different PTOs all at the same time. I throw riduclously elaborate birthday parties for my kids and draw napkins for them each night. Not just smiley faces and flowers, we’re talking Pokemon and Cinderella. My husband calls me “Martha Stewart on crack”. I volunteer so much that it feels like I have a full time job. I think nothing of staying up until 4am to work on a class party. I always think I can fit in just one more thing, especially if it’s important to me. I need to find part time employment but am terrified to make that leap. How could I possibly balance both worlds without going insane???

    • Nat-a-lie!!!!!
      You sound like a Superwoman. I think the community can learn alot from you. I’d be interested in understanding how you manage to keep everything under control; how you calendar the different events and your committments. I find that hard to do and have not found the right solution — we get double/triple booked frequently. Thank you so much for sharing with us!


  1. […] want to thank Mama Serenity for expressing her situation at Meet other Mamas In Motion.   Her description is extremely heartfelt and her tone expressions the confusion and internal […]

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