Random Thoughts: Your first child losing his/her first tooth

Big Bro is at that age where he may start to lose his baby teeth.   His dentist mentioned that a child could be expected to lose his/her first tooth between the ages of 5 1/2 to 7 1/2.   In fact, I was shocked the other day when we had a friend over with her family and her daughter (who is 3 months older than Big Bro) had already lost a tooth.    Wasn’t she just a baby?   Wait a minute… wasn’t Big Bro just a baby??!?!?!?!?

I remember the entire experience as not being very pleasant when I was a child.   Feeling that wiggle, feeling the soreness of the gum, the actual removal of the tooth, feeling the gaping bumpy hole in your mouth, and the taste of blood…. ugh.   For years as an adult I actually dreamt of loosing my teeth – it was almost a recurring nightmare over the course of many, many, years [side note:  some might claim that it represents the fear of growing up.   That could be true in my case….].

Anyway, I got to thinking.   My first-born may be about to embark on this milestone and I feel the need to prepare.   I thought I’d poll the group on two things –


– Mama K


  1. Hey cous-in-law… Katelyn lost her first tooth a couple weeks before her 5th birthday (she swallowed that one…lol) and then just lost her 2nd tooth last week or so. Tooth fairy left her $20 for the first, but that was only because the darn thing came out at 10:00 at night and the only money in the house was a $20. So we told her that’s because it was a “special” first tooth amount. The 2nd tooth she got $5 for.

    • Wow! Inflation sure went up more than I thought! That Tooth Fairy must have driven a Porsche and also sprinkled gold dust along with the $20!!! It seems like I have to go higher than $1 but honestly I have 4 kids and they each have 20 teeth!!!! Yikes!

      • LOL… yeah believe me I know! We sure as heck can’t afford $20 a tooth and at $5 a tooth they better not all fall out at one time. At least we have a 5 year gap between the two… I honestly don’t know how you do it!


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