July 21: The day of pajamas

The morning with the kids was wonderful –

The morning and commute:

  • While in the shower, Twin Crazy and I were playing a game where she put her hand to the glass on the outside, and I found her hand on the inside, over and over again. I enjoyed the game and also the luxury of a longer, hot shower.
  • Great news!!!! Red did NOT wear a pull up at night and she didn’t have an accident!!! But when I started to help her get changed, I was surprised to see that she was wearing: pajama bottoms, her own panties, also panties she found in Twin Crazy’s drawer, and a pull up. So, despite she did not have an accident, she decided to overload her clothes this AM. I think it’s too funny that she decides she needs a pull up AFTER she goes pee in the morning, and that she borrowed Twin Crazy’s panties, and that she’s wearing FOUR layers of clothes waist-down. She is smiling a devilish smile to me and just have to squeeze her.
  • The special day for Big Bro’s pre-school is pajama day. I look at what he’s wearing and it’s a pair of winter, fleece, spiderman. Again, this is summer. I try to offer a nice, lighter pair of batman pajamas and he rejects that idea. I respect his decision, but I still pack up the batman pajamas as a back-up. He’s OK with that idea.
  • Twin Crazy found a fuzzy dog Halloween costume in the bin we brought out for yesterday’s costume day. She loves fuzzy things. She shoves her face in them and squeals with excitement. Twin Husky became interested and then they both started to fight over the costume. The rule in my house is that if any two children are fighting over a toy/thing, I take the toy/thing away. I believe this was the first time this rule was put into action with the Twins. They cried for a bit but then quickly moved on to other activities.
  • I went to the laundry room to gather some clean clothes and had each of the kids shuffle out with their stack. It was so cute.
Helping with laundry
  • 8 AM and we’re packed up and out the door. Me and hubby do both drop offs. First drop off with Red and Twins went very well. Second drop off with Big Bro was great. He requested me to help him put down his big hair. This guy has such a thick head of hair it is amazing. He’s got the hair that hair bands of the 80’s would be proud of. We head to the bathroom and wet down his head. He is going to be a gorgeous kid and heartbreaker when he gets older.

The ferry is very nice today. But, we are driving away from the sun and into some overcast weather. Shit, I didn’t bring a jacket today. I’m feeling really good now – I had a lot of play time with the kids and they all made me laugh in their own way.

Today at work I will need to focus on:

  • Sending to the client the Phase 2 thinking for the follow on project, if we get it.
  • Reading the remainder of the legal documents (probably 200+ pages)
  • Preparing for the meeting with the legal team this afternoon; going over our approach for this project. So today I am dressed up a bit – high heels and a dress. Looking very professional. They would have no idea that I have four kids. That discussion is always a great ice-breaker when I’m meeting new clients, giving a speech, etc.
  • That’s it for now – I’m going to enjoy the rest of the ferry ride and my Tervis Tumbler of coffee. 🙂

Highlights of my Working Day:

OMG i’m writing this on my NEW iPad while on the ferry ride home!!!!! How cool!!!! But I’m not used to getting around it yet, and I don’t yet have a proper keyboard for it, so I’m typing this with two fingers. Not that efficient but still fun.

Work was pretty good today.

  • Sent out our our Phase 2 thinking for our recent project and it is well thought out.
  • Spoke with the client about the executive presentation for next week and they were very happy with the presentation and did not request ANY changes in format, positioning, or tone. EXCELLENT!!!
  • Read some more legal documents and the overall structure of our argument to prepare for our client meeting with the legal team today. Met with them in their GORGEOUS offices and had a great working meeting. They will be great to work with – very collaborative, smart, and easy-going personalities. We have some work to do with a quick turnaround…. So I will likely work in the office tomorrow instead of working from home like usual. One thing that’s great about face-to-face client meetings… you have to look good, professional. I think this just automatically gives me a boost. I was wearing a new VERY comfy and flattering SHORT dress with fancy black patent leather sling back heels. Dressing like that sometimes just makes you feel like you have a purpose. It’s all psychological, I know, but it was still a great confidence booster.

The sun is bright, I’m getting used to two-finger typing, and looking forward to seeing the kids and working with our potential mother’s helper tonight. But what to do for dinner?????? Hubby is taking a later ferry so I need to do this solo tonight. It will just have to be pasta. With some frozen spinach thrown in as a “spice”. I hope there’s good 80’s music for me to blast on the way home with the kids….

Dinner and Bedtime:

  • Sang the Bee Gees on the way home with the kids. I’m not sure they liked it.
  • The mother’s helper thing is not looking too good. She emailed me 45 min before she had to show up, saying that something came up. I’m bummed. It’s not good no matter which way you look at it. Either she’s not interested, or she’s just a undependable young lady. Ugggh.
  • We had pasta with spinich. All kids ate well.
  • Big Bro wasn’t feeling good (he’s been in a funk the past few days) so he asked if he could watch a movie and I caved. Shrek is REALLY funny.
  • Red and Twins walked with me to get the mail
  • Twin Husky climbed on Red’s chair when she wasn’t looking and started to eat her food (she always takes the longest). She then proceeded to knock him off the chair (reminder to self: don’t EVER touch her food if she is still eating it….. she sounds like me)
  • Twin Crazy dumped all of her milk on the kitchen floor and then proceeded to slip in it and get soaked
  • Twin Crazy is really doing the signs to “Twinkle Twinkle”. I have to get a movie of it. They also like “itsy bitsy spider” but not nearly enough as Twinkle Twinkle.
  • Red was upset that Big Bro got a book read to him but she did not (it was REALLY late). So I made up a story about a little girl Julie who found a cat stuck in a tree who then tried to climb the tree but couldn’t so she went to get mommy & daddy and then they called 911 and a firetruck came and saved the cat. She decided that the cat should be orange.

This was a pretty good day. I felt like I got plenty of hugs and kisses in, and also felt productive at work. Now I’m going to relax with Hubby.

Till tomorrow,

– Mama K.

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