July 20: Moving too slowly…

It’s Hump Day! During my morning commute Hubby and I were collaborating on some ideas for Mama In Motion so I did not write up the details of the morning. I’m actually writing this after work so it will all be a bit abbreviated:

Highlights of the morning and commute:

  • I got to bed WAY late last night due to work. So I woke up at 7:15 feeling completely out of it.
  • Red again this morning was proud of her hair curly spray – I told her that she looked beautiful.
  • Great news!!!! Red did NOT wear a pull up last night and she didn’t have an accident!!!
  • I hear Twin Husky making noise from his room. Red runs into the room to greet him (she knows not to go in there until they are awake). We hear her excitement proclaiming at the top of her lungs: “[Twin Husky] AND [Twin Crazy] are awake!!!!!!! Then we start to hear her voice talking to them like a little mommy.
  • Hubby gets all breakfast ready for all kids; I gather the kid clothes for the day – Big Bro, Red – before heading downstairs. I put a cup of water in microwave for instant coffee immediately – I’m feeling a bit slow today.
  • I spend a lot of time with Big Bro today. Today is costume day at pre-school. He wants to be a skeleton, but honestly the costume we have is home-made out of sweatshirt material. It is summertime!!! I keep trying to sell him on the cute pirate costume (it has shorts, lightweight material, etc.) but he is very stubborn and seems happy with the decision of being a skeleton. I respect his decision, but I still pack up the pirate costume as a back-up. He’s OK with that idea.
  • No fights today which was great
  • Twin Husky is walking up and down the stairs with a toy broom. Probably not the safest thing he should be doing. He just learned how to walk down the stairs for goodness sake and now he’s holding a toy broom that is as tall as he is…..
  • OK, it’s AFTER 8 AM!!! We’re late!!!! Time to go!!! We shuffle out, and with the normal shoes, jackets, favorite toys. Today I’m also carrying the extra costume for Big Bro along with his sound machine for crickets at naptime at pre-school.
  • Me and hubby do the drop offs. First drop off: Red and Twins. Went smoothly. Twin Husky was sweeping with his broom and didn’t even notice us leaving.
  • Second drop off: Big Bro; he seemed really excited for the day. His “teacher” was curious about the sound machine. It will be interesting to hear how it went today.

This was a slllllooooooowwwwww morning. Ferry ride was great – sunny. Working on some ideas for Mama In Motion. Not thinking that much at all about my day job at the moment.

Highlights of my Working Day:

  • The normal routine…. In the ladies room I transform into career woman – makeup, pull wet hair back in clip. In office, I grab tea, water, and a cup of trail mix. Boot up computer and check website stats. Read emails to see what I need to accomplish quickly. Check the news. Now I’m ready to begin.
  • Worked on Business development, Phase 2 thinking for last project. It would be great to win that one.
  • A good portion of my day was spent plowing through legal documents to prepare for our meeting tomorrow with the legal team, our client. I’ve been on litigation support projects before and am used to the style of the legal language and documents. So I’m able to get through a big stack of documents relatively quickly. This project may actually be interesting.
  • I also spent some time setting up meetings with two potential mother’s helpers for tonight. Hopefully we don’t get stood up like we did last night. We need to find someone! I don’t want to be without a mother’s helper starting next week!!!!

Dinner and Bedtime:

  • Red was having a pretty bad night. First, she peed her pants. It looked like she was trying to get there but just didn’t make it in time. Then, she was playing in backyard and got splinters all in her feet
  • All ate corn on the cob and loved it

Big BroRed

  • Both twins were very clingy tonight – both wanted to be held
  • Big Bro was extremely tired and fell to pieces at the end of the night.
  • During bedtime, Twins participated in “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. I’m teaching them “Itsy Bitsy Spider” next.

So, it was a good day but not so good evening. We are much closer to hiring our mother’s helper replacement which makes me feel more at ease. We met someone tonight who sounds too good to be true…. loves to clean, likes to cook, was great with the kids, followed directions…. Things are looking good!!!

I’m looking forward to playing with my brand new iPad (it was delivered today) so maybe I’ll be creating my journal tomorrow on that! How fun!!!

Till tomorrow,

  • Mama K.


  1. Hi Mama K. I am following your blog to provide insight into the working mother’s life. I am a stay at home mom of 5. After years at home with my kids, I am ready to go back to work. I yearn for adult interaction and there are days that I have way too much quality time with my kids. I can see where the balance is difficult and particularly with young children. Since this is my first post, I will be brief. I would strongly recommend letting the little stuff go sometimes. We can’t all have a clean house, nutritious meals around the clock, hours of quality one on one time with each child, time for ourselves and time for our husband and 40 hours left over for a job. This doesn’t even include activities for our kids, yard work, or any other minutia that is required in home ownership and family. I guess I would say, give yourself a break and set small goals that will empower you to feel success. A clean house is nothing compared to 30 minutes one on one reading with your child. When we are exhausted, 1 hour of alone time to recharge can vastly improve both our work output and our ability to enjoy our family. I am not completely where you are yet, but I have learned a lot about staying sane with a large family.

  2. I will be hitting you up for tips on finding good child care! Very interested in where you are taking this project. I enjoy reading your journal on my morning bus ride.

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