My first entry — week in Review

I had a rather hectic week on both a work and personal front.  Returned from a long-weekend vacation in Florida (I only took “Twin Crazy”) on Monday — I had to rush her to daycare; unfortunately I could not witness her reunion with “Twin Husky”.  It was the first time they were separated.   Daycare provider later told me there was LOTS of hugging and kissing.   Ran home for conference call with client, made changes to executive presentation.   Played with kids ALOT on Monday evening to catch up with their lives.

Tuesday woke up early, as did hubby.   Both had to leave early.   Got all kids fed and dressed and all were out of the house by 7 Am.   I head to airport — client presentation later that day.   Went very well.    It is the culmination of the strategy  project however we will need to go back for an executive presentation in 2 weeks time.   Caught earlier flight home; able to play with kids before bedtime.    Sing “twinkle twinkle little star” with sign language to Twins; I’d love for them to learn to participate.

Wednesday did some business development.  Relatively uneventful.  Dinner was great with kids.   “Big Bro” ate at least 5 servings of carrots (YEAH!!!).   Twins had great time using forks.  They were very proud of themselves.   Received bad news from our “mothers helper” that she found full time employment and next Friday will be her last day.   UGGGGGGGGGGGH.  She is wonderful.   We will all miss her.   She is our sanity life saver.   I will need to post something on Craigslist.    Went on date night and formalized thinking on website name and branding for this project.  Drank beer.  Ate sushi.

Thursday did more business development.  Secured client commitments for big meeting later this year.    YEAH!   Pack up my bag with my laptop and also some organic fruits/veggies for the kids.   I’m worried that each kid is not getting their required two servings of veggies per day!   Headed out for Girls Night for my belated birthday celebration.   I can’t believe I’m 41 (but I act like I’m 20 something).   Great time!   Thank you girlfriends!!!!

Early morning conference call so am working home today.   Another business development / proposal to prepare.   Need to also work on Executive Presentation from last project.   I was thinking about roasting a chicken tonight for dinner but it’s still in the freezer.   What are the chances it will thaw within 3 hours??????    Now what?????


  1. Hi Mama K, it is your friend Mama L. I love your website. It sounds like you have the healthy eating thing down. My weakness. Would love for you to share some quick, easy, healthy meal ideas!

    • Lisa Mama L!
      Last nights vegetable attempt was a complete disaster. Big Bro is also a person of extremes and I remember one time when he must have eaten at least 20 brussell sprouts in one sitting. So, I thought I’d try that (bought at the farmers market earlier that week). Despite being drowned in butter it was still a complete failure. I had steaks going, but wound up not paying attention to the veggies. So some burned. If anything is at least a TINY bit brown, the food item is rejected. So the entire batch of veggies was rejected by all. I can’t tell you how sick I am of brussell sprouts since I’ve been eating them last night and today for lunch.

      Thanks for your post. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I want to build/develop tools to help working moms like us. And you’ve hit on the most needed tool/service I have in mind…. with some other bells and whistles of course.

      I hope to keep this going. Helps to stay sane and also let’s me feel like there are others out there that feel the pain. Please forward this site on to any/all working moms that you know. I want to build a big following to then get started on the REAL stuff for the site.

      I miss you!!!

      Mama K

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